Scott Stapp – The Space Between the Shadows

Since his last album Proof of LifeScott Stapp has been through a lot of turmoil, battling addiction and depression. Six years down the line and new record The Space Between The Shadows (Napalm Records) charts his successful battle with his personal demons and the lessons he learned on the way.Continue reading

Scott Stapp Streams New Single – “Purpose For Pain”

Scott Stapp, the lead vocalist of multi-platinum selling rock band Creed has signed to Napalm Records for his next solo album. The Space Between The Shadows is due in July and promises to be a return to prominence for Stapp and his unmistakable voice. He has a brand new single, ‘Purpose For Pain’ which you can check out below. Scott has also booked summertime tour dates, which go on sale this Monday, March 25th.Continue reading

Art Of Anarchy – The Madness

Cast your misconceptions aside; it’s fine, you don’t have to pretend you don’t have them, I know you do. Yes, it’s Scott Stapp (wasn’t he the guy from Creed who ended up out ‘there’, homeless and bankrupt and blah blah blah?) and, yes, it’s Bumblefoot (wasn’t he the guitarist in Guns n’ Roses when they were shit and blah blah blah?) and aren’t they uncool, and all that other bollocks that clouds the judgement and blah blah blah becomes far too important for far too many people…?


And, to quote the immortal… So fucking what? Continue reading

Watch Adelitas Way’s Lyric Video For Ready For War (Pray For Peace)



Adelitas Way recently dropped a brand new single ‘Ready For War (Pray For Peace)’ ahead of their upcoming headline tour dates and shows with Scott Stapp (Creed). You can now see the lyric video for the track below: Continue reading

Exxasens – Back To Earth


Since the 2013 release of Satellite, Spanish post-rock/proggers Exxasens have undergone some substantial development, primarily from being pretty much the one man project of one Jordi Ruiz into what could be considered a ‘true’ band (albeit still with Ruiz as the main creative and driving force). As they have expanded into a multi-faceted being, so their music seems to have grown, or at least enhanced sides to it, as Back To Earth (both Aloud) is perhaps their most layered to date.

All though the band’s basic components of serene, post-rock (well, about as basic as they ever were), the prog nuances here are much more vivid and colourful, and there’s even further exploration into newer territories, from the ambient to metal. On opening track ‘Supernova’ it builds up from humble, wistful beginnings to almost resembling less heavy side of Mastodon, accompanied by a new arrow in the band’s quiver, vocals; whilst the likes of Mogwai can be heard in the multi-layered ‘Hugeness’.

Returning to the new venture of vocals, small sung passages return on ‘Hugeness’, before the penultimate track ‘Saturn’ features them fully thoughout with MikiAbril’s delivery sounding somewhere between Scott Stapp and Brann Dailor, proving unexpectedly deep but still matching to the music. Another area Back To Earth differs in its more succinct, song writing as, with the exception of ‘Bright Side Of The Moon’, there are no long players, with most songs ranging from the four to sixth minute mark, proving more direct and immediate. That being said the 8 minute ‘Bright side…’ still proves a highlight, allowing room for the song to air and breathe.

Ultimately Back To Earth is both a continuation of the band’s beautiful and uplifting sonic landscape, but complete with a few new tricks that may appear simplistic and not ground-breaking on paper, in practice they offer the music so many new avenues and layers. This may be back to earth in some ways, but in others, this shows there are more worlds for them to explore. Back To Earth is evidence of an already great band showing just how special they can be.