Job For a Cowboy Resurfaces on Social Media Again Teasing Some News

According to a report by Metal Injection, Job For A Cowboy once again popped up on social media to tease the fans about something coming soon. Ghost Cult broke the story last year that the band posted for the first time in 5 years and we had been told by a well-placed source close to the band (read that as a guy who is in a band with JFAC guys) that they had written and recorded some new music. This weekend they posted to Facebook (with an auto-post to Twitter, tsk tsk) a clip from the movie 1995 film Mortal Combat with the caption “It has begun” from the film. Vocalist Johnny Davy was a guest of Metal Blade CEO Brian Slagel’s Instagram Livestream a few months ago and confirmed a new album is written and if it wasn’t for the pandemic, the band would be in the studio now recording it. No confirmation as to whether they would be rejoined by drummer Jon Rice (Scorpion Child, Umbra Vitae) will rejoin the group, but the rest of the band is returning.Continue reading

Duel – Valley Of Shadows

It’s a soulful, heavy trip with Texan quartet Duel. Formed largely from the ashes of Groove rockers Scorpion Child, new album Valley Of Shadows (Heavy Psych Sounds) is their third album in three years but despite the prolific nature, there remains a certain impact from the tracks on offer here.Continue reading

GUEST POST: David Gates Of Season of Arrows Top Ten Albums Of 2016

Ghost Cult once again brings you another “End Of Year” list, as we close out 2016. Today we get a list from David Gates of Nashville sludge and doom rockers Season Of Arrows. The band just signed a new record deal with Argonauta Records, Give it to the Mountain, due out on March 24th 2017. David puts down his axe, and picked up his laptop to send us in his essential list of albums from this past year, and it’s killer!Continue reading

Open-Minded: Dimitri Vossen of Desertfest Antwerp

YOB Susanne A. Maathuis Photography

YOB Susanne A. Maathuis Photography

Desertfest Antwerp takes place this weekend in Belgium, at the legendary Trix Club. Named for the distinct cult style of California’s Palm Desert style of rock, doom, and psychedelic influences, pioneered in the 90s by bands like Kyuss, Acid King, Fu Manchu, Goatsnake, Monster Magnet, 60 Watt Shaman and more. The fest itself and its related other events represent the best in underground culture, with music ranging from stoner rock, doom, indie bands, and other styles to please fans of discerning taste. Ghost Cult’s Susanne A. Maathuis, who is covering the fest this weekend for us had some questions for Dimitri Vossen – one of the organizers of the fest. Continue reading

Scorpion Child – Acid Roulette


This isn’t my first go around with Scorpion Child, and, honestly, they’ve just never really been able to catch or keep my attention for very long. That trend continues here with their second album Acid Roulette (Nuclear Blast Entertainment) with the exception of a few songs.

‘Moon Tension’ was the first track to grab my attention. It’s more dynamic than the songs that come before it rather than just sounding the same for three and a half minutes. I could find myself singing along to this. ‘Tower Grove’ follows immediately afterwards, keeps the energy going, and I actually did find myself singing along to the chorus. Both of these tracks continue to stand out to me through repeated listens. If the rest of the record could keep up with these two songs, then we’d really be talking.

While the concept of an album based upon the life and adventures of a man wrongly imprisoned for a murder sounds interesting, it just doesn’t do enough to bring this record to life. This album fits in well as background music but nothing really jumps out and above the rest of the general sound. It’s just there.

Scorpion Child may not be my thing personally, but the potential for greatness there and, at the very least, they are worth keeping an eye on for future endeavors. For right now, I’ll keep my hopes high.



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Scorpion Child Recording New Album

Photo credit: Monica Yvette Cavazos

Photo credit: Monica Yvette Cavazos

Austin rockers Scorpion Child have entered the studio with Chris “Frenchie” Smith (The Answer, And You Will Know Us By The Tail Of Dead…) on their sophomore album, out later in 2015 via Nuclear Blast.

Scorpion Child vocalist Aryn Jonathan Black had the following to say:

“The band is now locked in the studio committing everything to album #2. Everyone is dressed to the 9’s and it’s business time!”

Scorpion Child on Facebook
Scorpion Child on Twitter
Scorpion Child on YouTube

Kylesa, Cancer Bats, Scorpion Child To Appear On Black Sabbath Tribute

Cleopatra Records are reportedly preparing a Black Sabbath tribute album for a 2015 release. An image was shared on Kylesa’s Facebook page, and the track listing is as follows:

Wo Fat – “The Warning“
Stoned Jesus – “The Writ“
Death Hawks – “Hand Of Doom“
House Of Broken Promises – “Lady Evil“
Scorpion Child – “Hole In The Sky“
Mos Generator – “Dirty Women“
Machuca – “Planet Caravan“
Ulver – “Solitude“
Cancer Bats – “Into The Void“
Witch Mountain – “Sleeping Village“
Solace – “Electric Funeral“
Pentagram – “Tomorrow’s Dream“
Kylesa – “Paranoid“
Bloody Hammers – “Changes“

cleopatra sabbath

More information on the release is expected soon.

Stubb – Cry Of The Ocean



With the profusion of proto-metal, stoner, psychedelic rock acts about the question is, do we really need another one? Zodiac, Blue Pills, Scorpion Child and a host of others are now joined by Stubb and their second full-length release Cry of the Ocean (Ripple). Everything fuzzed up, riffs repeated ad infinitum and laid back languid vocals it would seem that Stubb have all the ingredients to fit into the psych, blues locker and roll out success.

But there is a problem; at times it seems that all the ingredients are part of a formula. It is only by the time track four, ‘Sail Forever’ kicks in that the sense of individualism comes through, as Jack Dickinson’s vocals rise above his intricate guitar work. The ability to put together such involved work is on display on ‘Heartbreaker’, but Dickinson’s vocal performance this time is reminiscent of an off-key punk doing a ballad during the verses, however, when it kicks in it turns into a good track which displays the potential of the band. Stand-out track ‘Devil’s Brew’ has a sense of purpose to the blues tinged classic rock feel as Christopher West (drums) and Peter Holland (bass) drive the track along, though

Throughout this release there is no doubt of the potential in Stubb; but someone needs to sit them down, take that potential (and musical ability) and slap it into shape. At times they stray into early Pink Floyd, Iron Butterfly and Cream territory so much so that it might be best to take any albums they have of those acts away from them until they can work on their own sound, and Dickinson’s vocals range from bluesy to sounding like Roger Waters giving a lecture on life’s lessons.

Despite these criticisms, what Stubb have produced is a solid album within their chosen genre, with the final two tracks –‘Snake Eyes’ and ‘You’ll Never Know’ – showcasing what they can do when they focus. The space the seven-minutes plus of each track allows is enough to doff a cap at what Stubb might become. Overall, this not a bad release, but has too many flaws to make it an essential part of collections of fans of this type of rock.


Stubb on Facebook


Lord Of The Riff Tour: Monster Truck – Scorpion Child – Buffalo Summer; Live at Camden Underworld, London


There’s something about double denim and classic hard rock that just go together. Tonight’s Lord Of The Riff tours is bulging with retro riffs and the crowd outside the Camden Underworld is heavy with beards, beer bellies and Canadian tuxedos. The Co-headliners Scorpion Child and Monster Truck have been taking it in turns to close the night, and tonight the Canadian Truck get the honour.

Openers Buffalo Summer provide a heavy dose of Led Zeppelin love. The South Wales boys aren’t afraid of a sweet melody, and it’s not hard why they’ve been described as Led Zep meets Free. It’s an energetic set played with confidence, and guitarist Jonny Williams is reminiscent of Slash both in playing style and on stage moves.

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Scorpion Child have recently had to switch from a quintet to a quartet after a band reshuffle, but seem no worse for it. Their psychedelic rock is performed with a swagger, and songs such as ‘Polygon of Eyes’ and ‘King’s Highway’ means they come across as a metallic take on all those Swedish Rock revivalists, which is no bad thing. Compared to the 70’s flairs of Buffalo Summer and the shaggy appearance of Monster Truck, Scorpion Child look positively dapper, and you sense on a bigger stage, they’d make a big show of things. Frontman Aryn Jonathan Black is the band’s vocal point. His hypnotising movements and Robert Plant wail hold the attention and hold much of the front row in rapture.

But as good as Scorpion Child were it’s hard to see why Monster Truck haven’t been closing every night on this tour. Back in the UK after support Vista Chino last year, the volume and energy levels of the audience have multiplied before the band have got into the first verse of the opening ‘Old Train.’ Dealing in big sing-alongs, meaty guitars and lashings of groove, the truck are reminiscent of early Black Stone Cherry but with bigger riffs, better songs and less soppy ballads. The Browning EP gets a good showing, ‘Seven Sea Blues’, ‘I Am Freedom’ and the massive ‘Righteous Smoke’ have the audience singing along to every word.

Guitarist Jeremy Widerman is the band’s energetic rabbit, running, jumping and jiving all across the stage and only staying still when he has to provide the backing vocals, while Bassist/vocalist Jon Harvey’s commanding presence means the energy levels hardly drop throughout their set, and numbers cut from debut album Furiosity, such as ‘Sweet Mountain River’, ‘Oh Lord’ and ‘Call It A Spade’ just keep sending the crowd crazy. And when they do slow things down, it’s hard to be impressed by Harvey’s vocal range and control on the soulful blues of ‘For The Sun’ or ‘My Love Is True.’ The crushing closer ‘The Giant’ almost sends the crowd into meltdown as the pit explodes from the front few to almost the whole crowd.

If there’s any justice, all three bands will go onto to bigger things. SC have the compelling frontman, but MT are tonight’s big draw and have the songs and the report with the audience. The band’s motto is ‘Don’t Fuck With The Truck.’ On the strength of tonight’s performance, it’s hard to see anyone fucking with their rise to the top.


Monster Truck on Facebook

Scorpion Child on Facebook

Buffalo Summer on Facebook

Dan Swinhoe

Scorpion Child – Scorpion Child

Scorpion Child cd It’s not a Led Zeppelin reunion, but it’s the next best thing in terms of modern music: Texas hard rockers Scorpion Child. Although the band has been around for seven years, they have started to garner most of their attention within the past year. They’ve played sets at some of the biggest festivals out there including South by Southwest, Rock on the Range, Rocklahoma, and Mayhem Festival. Their debut album Scorpion Child (Nuclear Blast) is a solid start to say the least.Continue reading