The Astral Cadence Share Video Teaser, New Album Coming Next Week

New York’s instrumental prog metal masters The Astral Cadence have shared a new visualizer and album teaser. Their new album Paradigm drops on September 24th and is chock full of sweet progressive music jams and well thought-out epics. The band has made a name for itself inside the deep NYC scene for several years, having opened for the likes of Angel Vivaldi, Scale the Summit, The Fine Constant and Felix Martin. They will find a lot of fans among shred nerds, jazz, technical metal styles, and experimental music. Watch the trailer now. Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Into The Great Divide Explores The End Of The Heroes Journey

All this week Ghost Cult been sharing EXCLUSIVE content from Into The Great Divide.  Led by Zack Zalon, this is a must know project for progressive metalheads everywhere. Their current self-titled album is a concept album that tells a story, and each track is narrated like chapters. Ghost Cult brings you the backstory behind each song, in the form of additional previously-unreleased bonus tracks, fleshing out the narrative of the story. In this final segment, the tracks explore rebounding from the depths of loss to discover new perspectives.  Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Feel The Call To Adventure With Into The Great Divide

Ghost Cult has partnered with Into The Great Divide to bring you the EXCLUSIVE backstory behind each track of their self-titled new album. In the vein of the best instrumental progressive metal albums, Into The Great is a concept album with a heavy plot, and each track is narrated, like a chapter in a story. Ghost Cult brings you the EXCLUSIVE backstory behind each song, in the form of additional tracks, fleshing out the narrative. Continue reading

Scale The Summit – “Witch House” Video Featuring Angel Vivaldi Released

Scale The Summit, Angel Vivaldi, and Andy James will be kicking off “The 2017 Guitar Collective Tour” tonight at the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio. To help get fans more exciting for the remaining dates, Scale The Summit and Angel Vivaldi have premiered their face melting new ‘Witch House’ video online. Continue reading

Marty Friedman Announces “Wall Of Sound” U.S. Tour

Marty Friedman recently confirmed that his new solo album, Wall Of Sound, is coming on August 4th, and today he’s announced the first tour in support of the new material. Continue reading