1968 – Ballads of the Godless

1968: the year following the Summer of Love, and the year before I was born. It’s 50 years ago now of course, and the Cheshire quartet bearing that year as its name is steeped in the Proto sound of that era. Having relentlessly gigged and released two EPs since their 2013 inception, Ballads of the Godless (HeviSike) is the band’s first foray into long-playing territory.Continue reading

1968 – Fortuna Havana EP

It is with great pleasure I present to you Fortuna Havana (Black Bow) by the band 1968. Fortuna Havana is released on Black Bow Records and features the talents of Jimi Ray on vocals, Sam Orr on guitar, Tom Richards on bass guitar, and Tom Drury on drums. Continue reading