ALBUM REVIEW: Killswitch Engage – Atonement

A few beers in and I’m trying to figure out the angle on this new Killswitch Engage release, Atonement (Metal Blade). Sure, to Johnny NoName, it simple to just say “it’s just another Killswitch album, you know what you’re getting.” And sure, there’s a bit of truth to that statement as we get many of the tried and tested play plays from this Massachusetts staple like rock-solid production, punchy mix, and equal parts melody and guitar fire. I wouldn’t expect any less.Continue reading

Unleashing The Brewthirsty #1

In a new monthly column at Ghost Cult, New England native, metal scribe and devourer of beers Tim Ledin pairs up what he’s drinking with the perfect heavy music to enjoy it with. Stay tuned to this space in the future for more beer reviews, craft beer hacks, brewery tours, and beastly tunes.Continue reading