PODCAST: EPISODE 17: Kayla and Rob from Witch Mountain Talk New Beginnings and Self-Care on Tour

Ghost Cult caught up Rob Wrong and Kayla Dixon with Witch Mountain last year at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn to discuss their most recent, self-titled album, out now on Svart Records. Their first full-length album with singer Kayla, the album is another milestone In the storied career of one of the most consistent, long-running Doom Metal bands in the USA, We spoke to the pair in the basement of Saint Vitus (hence the noise in the background, so bump those speakers) about the new music, performing live, self-care on the road, the other endeavors and musical projects from the band and much more. Purchase, stream and follow their activities via their Bandcamp page. Continue reading

Witch Mountain – Witch Mountain

On their fifth and self-titled LP (Svart), Witch Mountain are trying to decide if they’re the most melodic Doom Metal act or the heaviest Blues band currently on the planet. Blues informed riffage has always been a part of Doom, and we dearly thank Black Sabbath for that contribution, but many a modern practitioner have ditched tradition in favor of harsher noise. Witch Mountain is not about modern convention, but about sticking with tried and true basics. Continue reading

Witch Mountain – Live @ Sound Control, Manchester (May 2, 2013)

Witch Mountain 1 Lanky Rae, a slender gangrel, wicked and base with a flagrant disregard for life and law. She’s the eponymous demon child portrayed in tonight’s opening track and her spirit seems entirely inhabited by vocalist Uta Plotkin, who croons with an impudence perfect for the role. A sharp stomp that oozes character and style, ‘The Ballad Of Lanky Rae’ is Witch Mountain at their brazen best.Continue reading