Candiria To Headline Rising Pulse Records 10 Year Anniversary Party

Rising Pulse Records, the label owned by John LaMacchia of Candiria, is hosting a 10-year anniversary party this week at Brooklyn Bazaar in Brooklyn. The show will be headlined by Candiria, along with Recon, Netherlands, NYHC veterans Locked In A Vacancy, and SevenSuns. Rising Pulse has been a foil for John to release incredible, challenging music from his own Spylacopa, and also Julie Christmas, Meek Is Murder, Kevin Hufnagel, A Family Plot, Morn and more. In addition to great music from bands, the label creates amazing custom products such as limited edition vinyl, cassettes, and other merch. Tickets are $20 and the link to buy them can be found below.Continue reading

Meek Is Murder – Onward/Into the Sun EP


When a band describes themselves as “music for troubled weirdos”, it’s pretty safe to assume we don’t have the next incarnation of Mötley Crüe on our hands. Brooklyn-based trio Meek is Murder look like they would be happier engaging in a mammoth World of Warcraft session then doing blow with hookers on the Sunset Strip but that’s not to say the music they make won’t get one hell of a party started, for new double EP release Onward/Into the Sun (Rising Pulse) is one of the most exciting things you’ll hear all year.

Known for their blink and you’ll miss it song lengths seemingly tailor made for the ADHD brigade, Meek is Murder play a raucous style of mathcore that will have fans of early Botch and Converge foaming at the mouth with wide-eyed delight. It’s no surprise that the band has previously worked with producer extraordinaire Kurt Ballou, for his influence is all over the brief tracks that comprise first EP Onward, from the lurching dissonance of ‘Foreword’ to the manic violence of ‘Downward’ which features some seriously heavy drumming and a devastating false ending that will have circle pits erupting in any sweaty basement it is dropped live.


The other EP in this release Into the Sun actually came out in 2012 so the re-issue here is a welcome one to those who missed out the first time. A tribute to classic 80s sci-fi flicks Aliens and Back to the Future, this effort is a tad more emotive and plays around with slower tempos than Onward, but is still madder than a box of frogs as the hyperactive ‘Doctor Emmett Brown (Endless in Our Fleeting)’ demonstrates.

This kind of hardcore works best in short, sharp snippets and Meek is Murder have clearly done their homework. At only fifteen minutes in length but with more going on than it’s possible to mention, Onward/Into the Sun shows a band bursting with ideas and incapable of sitting still.



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Spylacopa Streaming “Hexes” Music Video

spylacopa parallels

Spylacopa, the side project of Candiria guitarist John LaMacchia, has released their Steve Perlmaster directed new music video for “Hexes,” which can be viewed below. This is the project that also features Jeff Caxide of Palms/Isis fame and Julie Christmas (ex-Made Out Of Babies, etc.) Their new album Parallels will be released on March 31, 2015 via Rising Pulse Records.

Spylacopa’s Parallels Out March 31st

spylacopa parallels

Spylacopa, the musical brainchild of Candiria guitarist John LaMacchia, is releasing their long awaited debut full length record Parallels on March 31, 2015 via Rising Pulse Records. The album was produced by LaMacchia, mixed by Ken Schalk (Candiria) and mastered by Julian Silva at On Air Mastering. This is their first new release since their 2008 debut self titled EP, and features members of ISIS, Mister Sparx, Palms, Candiria, Made Out Of Babies, Slow Parade and Julie Christmas.

The delay of the album was partly due to the untimely and tragic murder of drummer Troy Young, who was killed in his Brooklyn apartment in December 2009 following an attempted robbery.

LaMacchia comments:

“Troy Young Tracked the drums for all the original material that made up the debut EP and most of what makes up this full length which is a huge reason why this record is being released. These are some of the last recordings of Troy Young tracking drums in a professional setting. After meeting Troy’s family during the trial of his murder, I felt somewhat obligated to get this record out. Troy would have wanted this record to come out and I feel that this is a way of helping to keep him active and present. He was such a talented young guy who was just getting a foothold in New York City as a working and functioning musician when he was killed.”

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