Horisont – Break the Limit (Single)


Break the Limit (Rise Above Records) is the latest single to come from Nordic warriors Horisont who have recently finished a tour of Europe and are settling in to record their fourth album as we speak. This catchy number would sound epic belted out in a stadium or at a festival but is just as enjoyable sat on the sofa at home. The opening riff is instantly reminiscent of Black Sabbath whilst the main bulk of the tune is similar to Iron Maiden in style and vocals whilst retaining their own individuality.

The second track on the single ‘Yellow Blues’ follows Horisont’s distinctive style and is another easy listening anthem which gets stuck in your head for hours after listening.

This single gives a good taste of what is to be expected in their new album.





Lucifer Releasing Debut Seven Inch Single April 7th

lucifer anubis + morning star

Former The Oath singer/songwriter Johanna Sadonis will be releasing the debut seven inch from her new band Lucifer on April 7, 2015 in North America via Rise Above Records. Stream “Anubis,” the A-side song of the seven inch here.

After the release of their debut seven-inch, LUCIFER will be edging towards the completion of their full-length debut album, which is expected to emerge later in 2015. While Johanna states that this first release does give some indication of the musical direction that this band will pursue, there is a strong sense that these songs are merely a prologue to the much deeper and more substantial body of work to come. Meanwhile, the band intend to hit the road to spread the news of Magic Rock to as many willing sinners as possible. With a solid line-up, a renewed sense of collective purpose and the invigorating effects of creative adrenalin propelling them forward, LUCIFER is a glowing advertisement for fresh starts, clarity of vision and the rejuvenative powers of heavy music. LUCIFER lives!

Electric Wizard – Time To Die

 electric wizard album cover time to die

As Dorset’s premier exponents of unrelenting heaviness Electric Wizard have never had it easy. Those familiar with their monolithic dirges will be aware of the turmoil the band has undergone since its inception with more line-up changes since recording 2010’s ‘Black Masses’ with drummer Mark Greening entering and rapidly departing the fold due to more issues with substance abuse and a lengthy legal battle with former label Rise Above to say that Time To Die (Spinefarm) has undergone a difficult conception would be an understatement.

All the hallmarks of Wizard’s sound remain present yet there is definitely a feeling that some ideas have been recycled with some familiar patterns reoccurring. Satan and the Supercoven are reprised in the lyrics but this is one bad trip that’s hard to get out of.

An epic peon to infamous acid murderer Ricky Kasso who allegedly cut out his victims eyes in a drug induced satanic ritual back in June 1984. ‘Time To Die’ is a vicious and negative record which starts slowly but lures you into its murky depths. The sinister hallucinogenic organ work which permeates ‘Destroy Those Who Love God’ delivers all the nocturnal Lovecraftian evil with its fitting samples from documentary ‘The Devil Worshippers’ to good effect. ‘Funeral Of Your Mind’ drags you into the vortex with a nasty tumultuous riff and Jus Oborn’s anguished vocal lurking beneath the sea of feedback and percussion which producer Chris Fielding (Conan) has done a bang up job in retaining the feel of the bands early work while allowing for some of the greater tonal clarity the later work has enjoyed.

Trance inducing repetition has long been the bands calling card and the ethos of tune low, play slow and worship Satan is adhered to with rigid stoicism. The organ adds atmosphere to the oppressive terror on ‘Saturn Dethroned’ yet this is a fairly typical effort from Osborn and company which neither tarnishes their legacy nor will increase their ‘Witchcult’ greatly in size. A consistent album which falls short of reflecting the majesty of their live ceremonies.




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