Danko Jones – A Rock Supreme

No nonsense Rock n’ Roll may not be the flavour of the month but Canadian trio Danko Jones, with twenty-three years under their belts, have got it down to a tee. Their ninth album A Rock Supreme, on Rise Above, continues their trademark sound – which mixes the bite of AC/DC and the swagger of Thin Lizzy with an impressive, Clutch like ferocity.Continue reading

Witchskull – Coven’s Will

Witchskull’s debut album The Vast Electric Dark (Self-release) was one of my personal highlights of 2016. A Stoner-influenced romp that was catchy and steeped in good old Heavy Rock, it picked up the Clutch template and somewhat irreverently tossed it around the ring a few times.Continue reading

GUEST POST: Mem V Stein Of Exumer’s Top 10 Albums Of 2017

Ghost Cult once again brings you “End Of Year” lists, memories, and other shenanigans from our favorite bands, partners, music industry peers, and other folks we respect across the world. In this post, Mem V. Stein, frontman of Exumer shares his Top 10 Albums Of 2017.Continue reading

Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell – Keep It Greasy!

Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell is one of those bands you just have to like – it’s ruckus great fun and Keep It Greasy (Rise Above) is a shit kickin’ fun album. I like it because I can head-bang and two-step to it. The track ‘Tired N Wired’ is this mish-mash of chunky bass driven black metal with thick twangy guitars of southern rock mixed with 1970s epic guitar solos. It makes me want to find a pole, put on my hooker heels, a pair of Daisy Duke’s and just dance my wee heart out. Continue reading

Guest Post: Becky Laverty of Pioneer Press- End Of Year List


As we dash towards the holidays and the end of the year Ghost Cult is feeling good about this season of giving. So we are giving our fans a chance to get to know our partners, peers, and friends from bands in the world of music. They will chime in with some guest blogs, end of year lists, and whatever else is on their minds as we pull the plug on 2015. Becky Laverty, publicist of Pioneer Press, who takes care of many of our favorite bands in the UK and europe, and handles all things press for Roadburn Festival, Damnation Festival and many others. This lovely lady has agreed to write us a list of her favorite releases of 2015, “in no particular order”.


ChvrchesEvery Open Eye

I listen to this to the point that my boyfriend hates it. ‘Empty Threat’ in particular is a banger




I missed seeing them live twice in April, but finally saw them on tour with Deafheaven.’Love, Texas’ is a favourite.



Chelsea WolfAbyss

Listening to this feels like drowning, but in a good way.

Chelsea wolfe abyss album cover



The BridesmaidGrayson

A short release, and one I worked on, but it’s a fantastic first release and I can’t wait to hear what they produce next.

Grayson The Bridesmaid album cover


With The DeadWith The Dead

Another I worked on – which was an honour (featuring Lee Dorian of Cathedral) and a lot of fun. The album just crushes, pure and simple.

With The Dead, photo credit Ester Segarra

with The Dead, photo credit Ester Segarra


Insect ArkPortal/ Well

insect Ark

These are mesmerising live and beautiful to listen to on record. Highly recommended.


Carly Rae JepsonEmotion

Carly Rae Jepsen

I had to swap this in at the last minute… it’s full of pure pop hits, which in my opinion, is hard to beat.


Beach HouseThank Your Lucky Stars



I listen to this when I’m alone and working quite a lot.


Royal ThunderCrooked Doors


I have a lot of love for Royal Thunder and want desperately for them to play over here again. ‘Time Machine’ is such a strong opener. Pow!


TribulationChildren of the Night


Another band that nails it live – 100%, and they’re big fans of a lemon cheesecake martini, I hear.


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With The Dead – With The Dead


Dorrian. Bagshaw. Greening. One band. Shall we just stop now?…

Given the press surrounding the marriage of ex-Electric Wizard (and please can we not forget Ramesses?!) members to Rise Above founder Lee Dorrian, you’d be forgiven for thinking that we’re about to experience our own version of the mid-90s East-West Rap war. So let’s forget all that nonsense and focus on Doom supergroup With The Dead’s eponymous debut album.

With The Dead (Rise Above) ploughs a similar furrow to their West Country rivals yet delivers a filthy edge to whirling vocals and Tim Bagshaw’s riffs which energises the sound somewhat, and lifts it above that over-trodden path. The crushing riff of opener ‘Crown of Burning Stars’ is lightened ever so slightly by a slow groove, slightly fuzzed production and a Psych effect to Dorrian’s bellow which doesn’t dilute its lascivious, malevolent sneer. The ensuing ‘The Cross’ possesses a lively yet portentous structure, sonorous rhythms performing a lazy American smooth with the mind, the groove almost catching but never testing the gravitas.

Whilst the occasionally bloated ‘Nephthys’ falls into the same stodgy moss as Witchsorrow, a Sludge mentality gives the titanic, crawling ‘Living With The Dead’ an early fire: first flattening with oscillating guitars and roars, then dropping to a gentle, sparing rhythm. The explosion is coming however, and in true Hammer Horror-drenched fashion: the hypnotic yet mournful crush swaddling the listener in a diseased cocoon. The head-nodding, slow rut of ‘I Am The Virus’ is decorated with cosmic effects and more cavernous roars, those brief flashes of lead and hulking drums enlivening some rather clunky lyrics. In an unbearably tense finale the crushing weight of closer ‘Screams From My Own Grave’ gradually imbues the sense of claustrophobic, crawling terror that is so obviously the intention.

With The Dead is yet another 2015 Doom album that won’t win prizes for originality, and one wonders how much further this particular twig of the branch has left to grow. It’s an album that does, however, possess enough variance, power, identity and nefarious intent to be a worthy addition to the annals.



Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats – The Night Creeper

uncle acid night creeper album cover 2015

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats release their latest album, The Night Creeper, via Rise Above Records in plenty of time for Halloween. I mention this because those psychedelic, doom-y tunes got me wrapped up in reading about Night of the Living Dead while listening to them. ‘Tis the season, after all.

‘Melody Lane’ kicks off with keyboards that I would normally despise, but find myself tolerating in this case. Even with the keys, this still manages to be one of the heavier songs on the album. The guitar solo that starts at about 4:27 is one of only a few on the album. The solo paired with a little more energy overall makes this song stand out to me more than others.

Title track ‘The Night Creeper’ is a great song that commands your attention and forces you to headbang and/or contemplate your entire existence. I have been under the weather lately so I took the latter path. As expected, the song is on the sinister side of things and excellently instills a sense of despair in the listener. I also find it oddly comforting, like a more grown up way to feed your inner goth kid and bring peace to that teenage angst from so long ago.

At just over nine minutes long, ‘Slow Death’ is a beautiful and relaxing piece. The slow tempo, minimal vocals, and sounds of falling rain make it sound like something right out of the sixties. It’s the kind of song that you can throw on at the end of a long day and just let fuzz consume your mind. Listen to it a few times and I think you’ll see exactly what I mean.

The Night Creeper is an album worthy of a place in your doom collection. It’s got all of the darkness and foreboding of regular doom but without putting you (me) to sleep. Keep your eyes peeled for Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats currently on tour with Ruby the Hatchet. See you in Boston!



Audio: Lucifer Premieres New Song


Occult rock up and comers Lucifer debuted a new song today online at the Decibel Blog, coinciding with their appearance on magazine’s new cover. ‘Purple Pyramid’ can be heard two weeks ahead of their anticipated album release Lucifer I (Rise Above Records), you can stream the song at the link and below:


The band is due to hit the road this summer on their first US tour, joining High On Fire, Pallbearer, and Venomous Maximus for a night of doom and stoner-rock grooves.

Lucifer Decibel cover

Lucifer Tour Dates: with High on Fire, Pallbearer and Venomous Maximus:

Jul 30: Casbah, San Diego, CA

Jul 31: Echoplex, Los Angeles, CA

Aug 1: The Regency Ballroom, San Francisco, CA

Aug 3: Hawthorne Theater, Portland, OR

Aug 4: Rickshaw Theater, Vancouver, BC

Aug 5: Neumos, Seattle, WA

Aug 7: The Complex, Salt Lake City, UT

Aug 8: Gothic Theater, Englewood, CO

Aug 10: Mill City Nights, Minneapolis, MN

Aug 11: Thalia Hall, Chicago, IL

Aug 12: The Loving Touch, Ferndale, MI

Aug 13: The Opera House, Toronto, ON

Aug 14: The Lost Horizon, Syracuse, NY

Aug 15: Irving Plaza, New York, NY

Aug 1Jul: Royale, Boston, MA

Aug 18: Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Aug 19: Theater of Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Aug 20: Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore, MD

Aug 21: Ziggy’s, Winston-Salem, NC

Aug 22: The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA

Aug 23: One Eyed Jack’s, New Orleans, LA



Lucifer Releasing Lucifer I on June 16th


Lucifer (ex-The Oath) will be releasing their debut album titled Lucifer I on June 16, 2015 via Rise Above Records. The band recently added Garry Jennings (ex-Cathedral/Death Penalty) as co-songwriter and studio guitarist.

Lucifer I Track Listing:
01: Abracadbra
02: Purple Pyramid
03: Izrael
04: Sabbath
05: White Mountain
06: Morning Star
07: Total Eclipse
08: A Grave For Each One of Us