Enforcer – From Beyond


Enforcer’s shtick was old before they had even recorded their first demo. But four albums into their career and they can pen a good ode to classic 80s metal. The Swedish four piece – Olof Wikstrand (Guitars & Vocals), Joseph Tholl (Guitars), Tobias Lindqvist (Bass), Jonas Wikstrand (Drums) – probably know it’s not 1982 anymore (we hope…), but they don’t care.

It’s good, mindless fun, and that’s ok.

From the opening notes of ‘Destroyer’ you know what you’re going to get over the next 40-odd minutes; no pretence, no bullshit, just big riffs, melodic hooks, shout-along choruses and the urge to wear nothing but denim and leather. This is pure high octane 80’s metal from 2015.

You like galloping riffs? We got it. High-pitch wailing? You know it. Air-guitar inducing solos? Of course. Enforcer have done their research; Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Diamond Head, Saxon, plus numerous lesser known ‘cult’ acts; all your favourite NWOBHM influences are present and accounted for. It’s a meticulous copy of all the best bits of heavy metal’s classic years combined with a good ear for hooks. You could make a game out of identifying which riffs they’ve stolen from which band/album.

From Beyond (Nuclear Blast) has a default tempo of fast. The likes of ‘One with Fire,’ ‘Hell Will Follow’ and the opener all scream speed metal. ‘The Banshee’s simple but addictive chorus and twin lead guitars has future crowd pleaser written all over it, while ‘Below The Slumber’ and album closer ‘Mask of Red Death’ are both six-minute mini-epics; starting slow and quiet before bringing a plenitude of riffs and noise.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with From Beyond; if you liked any of their previous efforts (or indeed any other super retro act) they’ll be plenty to enjoy here, and if you have a craving for authentic sounding metal from three decades ago you’ll be more than pleased. But anyone chasing anything more than nostalgia will find nothing particularly to enthuse about.


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Household Streaming “Purpose” Music Video

Household bloodandink_summer2014web_4

Household streamed their music video for “Purpose”, off their debut EP With or Without, released via Blood & Ink Records, here.

Household will be continuing their relentless touing this winter with dates alongside Until We Are Ghost (InVogue) and Revivalist (On The Attack).

Jan 09: Underground Rock Shop – Des Moines, IA
Jan 10: The Northstar Room – Moundsview, MN
Jan 15: The Sandbox – Kansas City, MO
Feb 01: Bender Banquet Hall – Bedford, IN
Feb 02: House Show – Colombus, OH (w/ Until We Are Ghosts)
Feb 03: It’s a Kling Thing – Akron, OH (w/ Until We Are Ghosts)
Feb 04: The Roche – Port Huron, MI (w/ Until We Are Ghosts)
Feb 05: Take Hold – Grand Rapids, MI (w/ Until We Are Ghosts)
Feb 06: RAW Church – Crown Point, IN (w/ Until We Are Ghosts)
Feb 07: Borellis – Chicago, IL (w/ Until We Are Ghosts)
Feb 08: The Hoosier Dome – Indianapolis, IN (w/ Until We Are Ghosts)
Feb 09: Spinelli’s Pizzeria – Louisville, KY (w/ Until We Are Ghosts)
Feb 10: The Hatch – Evansville, IN (w/ Until We Are Ghosts)
Feb 11: The Black Sheep – Springfield, IL (w/ Until We Are Ghosts)
Feb 12: University of WI – Stout – Menomonie, WI (w/ Until We Are Ghosts)
Feb 13: The Muffin Top – Ames, IA (w/ Until We Are Ghosts)
Feb 14: Art Closet Studios – Kansas City, MO (w/ Until We Are Ghosts)
Feb 15: Moore Season Church – Moore, OK (w/ Until We Are Ghosts)
Feb 16: The 22 – Abiline, TX (w/ Revivalist)
Feb 17: Coggin Ave Baptist Church – Brownwood, TX (w/ Revivalist)
Feb 18: Blu Phoenix – Albuquerque, NM (w/ Revivalist)
Feb 19: The Underground – Phoenix, AZ (w/ Revivalist)
Feb 19: Late Night House Show – Laveen, AZ (w/ Revivalist)
Feb 20: Blood Orange Info Shop – Riverside, CA (w/ Revivalist)
Feb 21: Programme Skate and Sound – Fullerton, CA (w/ Revivalist)
Feb 22: House Show – Las Vegas, NV (w/ Revivalist)
Feb 24: City Lounge – Grand Junction, CO ( w/ Revivalist)
Feb 25: Seventh Circle Music Collective – Denver, CO (w/ Revivalist)
Feb 26: Salina Indoor Skatepark – Salina, KS (w/ Revivalist)
Feb 27: Black Dog Cross Fit – Lawton, OK (w/ Revivalist)
Feb 28: Wreck Room – Amarillo, TX (w/ Revivalist)
Mar 01: Grand Hotel Ballroom – Wichita Falls, TX (w/ Revivalist)
Mar 02: Riot – Dallas, TX
Mar 03: Dope Chapel – Norman, OK
Mar 05: Seventh Circle Music Collective – Denver, CO
Mar 06: House Show – Colorado Springs, CO
Mar 08: House Show – Kearney, NE

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