Sons of Tonatiuh Book Upcoming June Tour

sons of tonatiuh tour

Atlanta sludge trio Sons of Tonatiuh will be hitting the road to promote their forthcoming release, their first since 2012’s Parade of Sorrow.

Jun 17: 529 – Atlanta, GA (w/ Rapturous Grief, Waste Layer)
Jun 18: The Milestone – Charlotte, NC (w/ From the Gun)
Jun 19: Strange Matter – Richmond, VA (w/ Backwoods Payback)
Jun 20: O’Brien’s Pub – Boston, MA (w/ Finisher)
Jun 21: Lucky 13 – Brooklyn, NY
Jun 22: My Place Pizza – Poughkeepsie, NY
Jun 23: The Hoyt House – Buffalo, NY
Jun 24: The Smiling Mouse – Pittsburgh, PA
Jun 25: Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA (w/ Repellers)
Jun 26: Guido’s – Frederick, MD
Jun 27: Slim’s Downtown – Raleigh, NC (w/ Squall)

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Mortals / Repellers – Mortals / Repellers

Brooklyn trio Mortals garnered much-deserved attention with the visceral Sludge of last year’s second full-length Cursed to See the Future (Relapse Records), and hot on its heels comes the dark horror of their single-track contribution to this ‘split’ with Philly nasties Repellers (Broken Limbs). Led in by the sound of a rabid werewolf coming in for the kill and terrifying the shit out of the listener, ’10 Years of Filth’ is nevertheless a cleaner sound than one would imagine, but that and the quickened, Occult Doom-style pace still fails to lift the omen of the terrifying vocal scour.

There’s a melodic, NWOBHM sound to the riff at times, yet, when the defiling power of Caryn Havlik’s drums kicks in at the two-third mark, the resonance is electrifying. With leadwork and closing riffs possessing elements of Blackened Punk, this is a pulverising yet complex and occasionally emotional rollercoaster which further enhances the ladies’ collective reputation.

Every aspect of the Low End seems present in the sound of Crusty trio Repellers: from the morose, ‘spaghetti western’ feel of the intro to opener ‘Descend’, through the rampaging Stoner-Death intensity of its riff and rhythms, to the downright filthy croak which is as evil as it gets and the most hoarse rasp you’ll hear this side of hell’s frozen wastes. At times the speed of ‘Descend’ clean rips by, the band right on the edge of keeping time, the scything riff and pounding drums of the coda vicious and seething. A sinister opening to ‘From Jericho to Ai’ sees a terrifying, ponderous pace given a fulminating power by flashing, savage breaks and the expiring roars of the track’s second half. The initial melancholy of ‘False Solace’, rising to the band’s more familiar Blackened Thrash crush, closes an intriguing, mauling set with a paradoxical twist of emotion.

An interesting tussle then, full of twists and turns. Overall the spoils must go to Mortals, but their lesser-known partners offer up plenty of atmospheric brutality and many talking points.


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