Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes Stream Black Futures Remix of “Crowbar”

Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes have shared a mega-aggro remix of their hit song ‘Crowbar’ by Idles producers Black Futures. This is the latest in a stream of tight remixes from the band. You can purchase or stream the track now. Over the coming weeks, the band will be dropping a number of further End Of Suffering. The original Crowbar appears on their amazing End of Suffering album, from earlier in 2019. Continue reading

PODCAST: Episode 62 – Reyka Osburn of Death Valley High Talks Covers EP and Working with Chino Moreno

Ghost Cult caught up with Death Valley High mastermind Reyka Osburn recently to discuss their brand new covers/remixes EP Duel, out now via minusHEAD Records. We chatted with Reyka about the new EP, how the group chooses covers from bands such as Metallica, Faith No More, Eurythmics, collaborating with peers and friends on remixes, the mix between Goth rock and dance music, working with a mentor and friend like Chino Moreno of Deftones/Crosses, and the timeline for a new full-length DVH album. Continue reading

Listen to Death Valley High and Chino Moreno (Deftones) Cover Christian Death

Gothic-tinged electronic band Death Valley High are releasing a new EP this week, Duel releases from MinusHEAD Records this Friday, August 23rd, 2019. The EP is have composed of inventive 1980s covers by inspired bands (think Faith No More, Eurythmics, Metallica, Bananarama) made in collaboration with music legends and underground tastemakers, while the other half is made of remixes of current DVH material. Watch this incredible new video of the band covering Christian Death’s classic ‘Cavity – First Communion’ with help from Chino Moreno of Deftones!

Continue reading

Daniel Tompkins – Castles

Well-known singer, Daniel Tompkins kicked down doors as the vocalist for progressive music scene bands like TesseracT and Skyharbor. He has a legion of fans and has managed to reinvent himself on every release in his career. In the background, he has been working on solo material what would eventually become his debut solo album. Finding common ground with Russian producer Dmitry Stepanov, Tompkins is ready to shatter fans expectations for what they have come to expect from him, revealing new levels of artistry only hinted at. Freed from the genre rules or really any expectations, Castles (Kscope) arrives free of conventions or any other weird airs most signers fall prey to when they create a solo album. Continue reading

Video: Enter Shikari Prepare Remix Album, Video for Anaesthetist

Enter Shikari remix album Hospitalised 2015

Enter Shikari have teamed up with respected drum & bass music Hospital Records for a remix album, titled The Mindsweep: Hospitalized due on October 30th from Hopeless Records. You can watch the first video for Reso’s remix of ‘Anaesthetistat this link or below:


The Mindsweep: Hospitalised is a track by track reworking of The Mindsweep (Hopeless), done by some of the biggest names in drum and bass from Hospital Records such as Metrik, S.P.Y, Danny Byrd, London Elektricit, Keeno and more.

Enter Shikari2 band 2015


Vocalist Rou Reynolds commented on the album:

“We’ve always been big on our B-sides and remixes. With every album, we’ve always tried to get a load of drum & bass remixes done. Hospital-wise, we did one with High Contrast around the time of our second album Common Dreads, for instance. While we were making The Mindsweep we started the idea of having a consolidated collection of just d’n’b tracks. Because The Mindsweep is such a varied album we just thought it’d be quite interesting to see what a drum & bass take on each track would be, and Hospital’s the one label that I personally have been into forever.”


The Mindsweep: Hospitalised track listing:

01. The Appeal & The Mindsweep I (Metrik remix)
02. The One True Colour (Keeno remix)
03. Anaesthetist (Reso remix)
04. The Last Garrison (S.P.Y remix)
05. Never Let Go Of The Microscope (Etherwood remix)
06. Myopia (Bop remix)
07. Torn Apart (Hugh Hardie remix)
08 . Interlude (The Erised remix)
09 . The Bank Of England (Lynx remix)
10. There’s A Price On Your Head (Danny Byrd remix)
11. Dear Future Historians (London Elektricity remix)
12. The Appeal & The Mindsweep II (Krakota remix)

Invertia – Another Scheme of the Wicked

invertia album cover


A band like Invertia doesn’t come along every day. Very few bands today make music that is both challenging and challenging to the listener. Uncommon in style and mentality, the band is more like a force to be felt all over the senses, rather than just music to be heard. When we last heard from the band a year ago the creators of “Oppressive Industrial Black Metal” as they term themselves had just released their excellent debut. They have returned with their new album, Another Scheme For The Wicked (Ohm Resistance) with a leaner, meaner collection that shows the growth of this discordant, unhinged pair from New England.


Split between five originals and five remixes, Another Scheme for the Wicked has quality where it may lack a bit in quantity. The opening track ‘The Sidewinding’ is by far the best track in their existence; full of menacing riffs that would make Ihsahn blush, a phenomenal use of stop-start dynamics. There is also a great batch of samples in this track, and I won’t soon hear the line “Jesus is about to come…” the same way again. Second track “Cross Eyed Christ” blends machine gun beats with the best of avant-garde angular riffs. Dave Coppola has created some of the most inventive licks we have heard this year and his scowling maw unleashes some sick gutturals. Drummer Tim Winson keeps things uptempo for the most part and intense bringing in the electronics and beats. ‘Void of Community’ and ‘Hourglass Without Sand’ are a crazy amalgam of brutally and sublime writing. ‘They’re Everywhere’ sounds a lot more raw and lo-fi, like the work on their earlier efforts, despite the 300 bpm tempo and more howling vocals.


The real surprise comes with the remixes. The opening track is recast by none other than Justin K. Broadrick of Godflesh and Jesu. He is an inspired choice. The band clearly takes some of its cues from Broadrick and for his lot, he totally re-imagines the track into a new experience. Laconic and dreamy- it sounds like an out take from a David Lynch film, replete with slowed down to a crawl vocals. It also says a lot about this band that Broadrick would work with them, as he doesn’t give this treat ment to just anyone. Other re-mixers, big names from the Ohm Resistance label and the electronic underground such as End.user and R3TRD, have solid results too. Special note also goes to the post-apocalyptic sounds of Submerged’s remix of ‘Hourglass Without Sand’.

Invertia band photo



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