Two Classic Albums by The Gathering to See Vinyl Releases

Legendary Dutch metal/rock band The Gathering will release vinyl pressings of Mandylion and Nighttime Birds via Transcending Records, only in North American. Initially released via Century Media Records in 1995, Mandylion is The Gathering’s third studio offering and the first to feature the now-iconic vocals of Anneke van Giersbergen. The album was recorded and mixed at Woodhouse Studios in Hagen, Germany under the guidance of Siggi Bemm and Waldemar Sorychta and has since become a cult classic. Continue reading

Mayhem – Grand Declaration Of War (Reissue)

It is without a second’s hesitation that Norwegian second-wave Black Metal deities Mayhem are regarded as one of the pinnacles of the style: as one of the seminal acts. Their full length debut De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas (Deathlike Silence) is rightly acclaimed as one of the very best – if not the actual best, which is my personal opinion depending on whether I’ve listened to that or In The Nightside Eclipse (Candlelight) most recently – Black Metal albums, while earlier releases Deathcrush (Posercorpse) and Live In Leipzig (Obscure Plasma) have also attained legendary status for their wild, raw nihilistic fury.Continue reading

Slipknot’s All Hope Is Gone Reissue Due Next Month


As the band has promised for some time, Slipknot’s 2008 album, All Hope Is Gone, will be reissued on December 7th via Roadrunner Records. The 10th-anniversary deluxe edition of the LP will feature re-imagined artwork and a bonus disc containing an audio recording of the band’s 2009 headlining concert at Madison Square Garden.Continue reading

Paradise Lost To Reissue Host Album, New Tour Dates Incoming



Long-running UK metallers Paradise Lost, who turned in one of the best albums of 2017 with Medusa, are re-issuing their classic 7th album Host via their label Nuclear Blast on March 16th. This will mark the first time the album will be pressed on vinyl, with several different limited edition options for collectors. Continue reading

Skyclad – Classic Albums Reissued

The second mouse gets the cheese” is a maxim which pretty much sums up the career of UK Folk Metal innovators Skyclad in a depressingly pithy nutshell. The first band to be labeled with the now commonly used Folk Metal tag, their pagan image, costumes, and use of fiddles seemed to constantly draw nothing but unwarranted mockery from certain quarters.Continue reading

Running Wild – Blazon Stone, Pile Of Skulls, Black Hand Inn, Masquerade Reissues

If ‘Riding The Storm’ from Death or Glory, the album that closed the first chapter of Running Wild’s career as well as being the chronological end of the first batch of Noise Records/BMG’s reissues, saw the band absolutely perfect their main songwriting style, sixth album Blazon Stone saw them kick off a run of unprecedented consistency and quality. By now armed with a recognisable, cohesive and distinct sound, for the next four albums, Rock n’ Rolf dragged Running Wild to a level of Heavy Metal excellence that, though predictable stylistically, was welcomed with open arms, raised horns and strained voices. During this period, Running Wild became masters at their craft, even if they had not yet perfected the art of the photo shoot (seriously… the Labyrinth style costumes and volumized bouffants have not aged well…)Continue reading

Running Wild – Gates To Purgatory, Branded and Exiled, Under Jolly Roger, Port Royal, Death Or Glory Reissues

For some of us Heavy Metal fans of a certain vintage, there exists a memory most tactile and warm; that of visiting record shops that sold vinyl by the rack load, and bloody cheap too. And one Saturday morning while absconding from Spanish GCSE duties, I stumbled up Running Wild’s Branded and Exiled in Time Records, going for less than the cost of a portion of chips (an additional option that was no doubt taken up later in the day).Continue reading

Celtic Frost – Morbid Tales, To Mega Therion, Into The Pandemonium, Vanity/Nemesis, Innocence & Wrath REISSUES

While most Thrash fans during the ’80s were concentrating on the burgeoning scenes in the US, Germany, and to a lesser extent, the UK, bands from a number of other, slightly less fashionable, countries were also getting in on the act. Sepultura were a first glimpse of Brazilian Thrash, Canada gave us Annihilator, Razor, and Voivod, Australian act Mortal Sin looked set to make it big for a while, while the terminally underrated Artillery arrived from Denmark.Continue reading

Celtic Frost Delve Into The Crypts… Details of Classic Reissues Announced

Continuing their programme of re-releasing the seminal works of German metal label Noise Records, BMG turn their attention next to the founders of Avantgarde Metal, and one of the greatest and most influential bands in the history of heavy music, Celtic Frost. Continue reading

Satyricon – Nemesis Divina (Remastered)


Satyricon - Nemesis Divina reissue cover ghostcultmag
It was twenty years ago that
Satyricon had released their masterpiece Nemesis Divina. Most would agree that not only is Nemesis Divina one of their best albums (if not the best), but that it is also one of the best Black Metal albums to ever be recorded. To celebrate it’s twentieth anniversary, Satyricon have decide to release Nemesis Divina remastered through Century Media Records. Usually I’m rather iffy when it comes to a “remastered” release due to the fact that there is not much of a difference and in the end it feels more like a cash grab than anything.oncert. That would definitely be money well spend to attend that performance.

I would use the term remastered lightly with this release. While yes there is definitely more clarity to the music I wouldn’t say it’s much of an improvement. In fact at times you would really have to listen to notice any difference at all. To me it feels more like a re-release than a remastered edition, which comes right back to my point that it feels more of like a cash grab. If I had to pick the most notable tweak would be that on the original album, around the 2:36 mark of “The Dawn of A New Age” there is the sound of a sword being sheathed. The new remastered release has removed that sound effect. You could argue that it was a pointless addition in the first place. Problem is when you listen to a song so many times over twenty years and have grown used to it, it really throws you off to not hear it.

satyricon band 1996 ghostcultmag
The remastered Nemesis Divina in my opinion could possibly cause more disappointment than Satyricon would hope for. After their self-titled release in 2013, a decently large portion of fans are very reminiscent of their earlier sound such as Nemesis Divina. This release will just further those fans to hoping for a return to form. I am also assuming nearly all fans of Satyricon already own this album unless they’ve been living under a rock. If you already own Nemesis Divina then I don‘t believe you need this release unless you want to shell out the dough for a slight improvement. Especially if you’re one of those serious Black Metal fans that favor a more poor production quality much like early 1990’s Norwegian Black Metal.

I feel Satyricon should jump on the recent bandwagon and celebrate the twentieth anniversary by playing Nemesis Divina in its entirety in concert. That would definitely be money well spend to attend that performance.

6.0 / 10



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