Music Video – Beyond Dishonor – #TWERKFUNDING (NSFW)

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Beyond Dishonor is streaming their NSFW music video for #TWERKFUNDING, off of their Generations EP, available for pre order here.

Frontman Reese Dunlap offers the band’s standpoint on their business venture,

“Twerkfunding is fun and is as pointlessly silly as you think it is, but it’s also much more – it’s a band using the resources available to them to reach a goal, a goal that doesn’t come free. From a random idea 5 years ago, to a relationship with management that borders on family, Beyond Dishonor and Club Risqué have actually created a SCENE on the second floor of the most unlikely of metal venues in Philadelphia. There is mutual respect – for the club, for the girls, and for the patrons alike, and it has helped to send BD out on the road, to pay for albums and videos, and likewise to dispel the notion that these clubs are dirty, low class and misogynistic-ly driven. Regardless of race, religion, sexual choices, or gender, you were given that backside, so shake what yo momma gave you. #shake itoff #twerkfunding”

Reese Dunlap – vocals
Wesley Ingraham – guitars
Mark Salmon – guitars
Bryan San Martin – bass
Mike Lock – drums
Vinny Keohane – drums (touring)

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beyond dishonor #twerkfunding

Beyond Dishonor – Generations EP


Before you dismiss Beyond Dishonor as just another metalcore band, you need to look at exactly how far they have come without any record label or management help. Just a simple ‘google’ will show you that they played over 70 self-funded shows a year and that they have previously supported big names such as Whitechapel, Emmure and Chelsea Grin. Their hardworking attitude is something that many bands nowadays are lacking, and it is safe to say that their efforts have paid off in their latest release Generations (self-released).

Opening track ‘Heisenberg’ instantly proves that Beyond Dishonor have managed to nail all aspects of the metalcore genre; heavy music greats you from the first second of listening to it and the guitar riffs are very technical, which creates a unique pace for the song. Reese Dunlap’s vocals are extremely brutal and it would be interesting to hear how he manages to perform live.

‘What Clayton Bigsby Doesn’t Know’ is hard-hitting and furious, featuring angst-filled lyrics which merge perfectly with Reese’s vocals. The breakdown is anything but tame, appealing to head-bangers from all across the metal genre. Final track ‘God’s Greatest Gift’ is the perfect end to such a powerful EP but talent oozes out through every single song. The fast-paced and heavy riffs continue, making every song as impressive as the next. Despite only being six tracks long, this EP manages to showcase some of Beyond Dishonor’s greatest work and it proves exactly why you should give their music a try.

It really is hard to call Beyond Dishonor anything but talented, even if you are not a fan of metalcore music. Their hard work and effort shines through in Generations and it is easy to see exactly why they have previously supported or been on tour with so many popular bands.



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