Origin – Abiogenesis – A Coming Into Existence

For twenty years the band Origin has set the standard for what excellent, American Death Metal should sound like. They have been blaring an uncommonly heavy, technical sound since the late nineties. Founding member and guitar player, Paul Ryan has been working on this signature style long before Origin was actually formed. Abiogenesis – A Coming Into Existence (Agonia Records) is a release of rarities from Origin’s vault that includes previously unreleased tracks from the pre-Origin era and a remastered version of Origin’s first EP.Continue reading

Nightrage – Wolf To Man

Started by a couple of friends nearly two decades ago, Nightrage is a band that has been through a lot of changes over the years. One of the founders, the guitar hero Gus G moved on to other things, but the other creator, Marios Iliopoulos has been faithful in making monumental Metal with this act since the early 2000s. The evolution of this Greek/Swedish hybrid group has sculpted their sound into something uncommon and exceptional. Their eighth full-length album, Wolf To Man (Despotz Records) presents their particular music with severity and soul.Continue reading

The King Is Blind Is Streaming “We Are The Parasite, We Are The Cancer” Online

Monolithic UK death metal merchants The King Is Blind will be releasing their new album, We Are the Parasite, We Are the Cancer, on Friday via Calva Records, but thanks to Metal Hammer, you don’t have to wait any longer to hear it. Continue reading

Rob Zombie To Release Live Album Of White Zombie’s Astro-Creep: 2000 Performance

Rob Zombie performed White Zombie‘s entire 1994 album, Astro-Creep: 2000 – Songs Of Love, Destruction And Other Synthetic Delusions Of The Electric Head, live at last year’s Riot Fest in Chicago, and according to a new post on his Instagram account, the set was recorded for an upcoming live release in the Fall.Continue reading

At The Drive In Is Streaming In•ter a•li•a Online

After a 17 year hiatus, At The Drive In have returned with their first new album since 2000’s Relationship Of Command. In case you’re still unsure about picking it up or not, you can now stream In•ter a•li•a in its entirety below! Continue reading

Me And That Man – Songs Of Love And Death

When the lead singer of one of the biggest extreme metal bands ever announces that he’s going to write a “blues, country and folk” album, the response from fans is going to be….well extreme. Some fans will automatically write it off as a joke, but others will take the time to enjoy all aspects of the man’s musical world, and open their mind to the endless possibilities. When I first heard about Adam “Nergal” Darski‘s Me And That Man project, I was beyond excited. This is a man who truly pours his heart and soul into everything he does, and once I heard he teamed up with the legendary artist, John Porter, for this record, I knew this was going to be something special, and that’s exactly what it is. Continue reading

Sevendust Performs Their Debut Album In Its Entirety In Atlanta

Sevendust had a special treat for their hometown fans in Atlanta over the weekend. Continue reading