Anathema’s Daniel Cavanagh Has Released an Extended Version of his “Monochrome” Album

Anathema songwriter Daniel Cavanagh has released an extended edition of his 2017 solo album Monochrome titled Monochrome / Colour via the Kscope label. The new edition features four additional tracks, including the new single, ‘The Silent Flight of the Raven Winged Hours (Acoustic)’ you can listen to right now. Anathema is currently working on the follow up to their acclaimed album The Optimist. Continue reading

Jinjer – Cloud Factory

It’s always nice to get into a “new” band and then find out they have a back catalogue for you to delve into. 2016’s King of Everything from Ukrainian metal outfit Jinjer was pretty well-received upon its release; a blend of groove, Death, and the odd Nu-Metal influence, it was heavy but with a few interesting moments. Tatiana Shmailyuk showed herself to be a very talented vocalist, and in ‘Pisces’ the band hinted at some almost Opeth-like ambition in their songwriting. Continue reading

Gehennah – Metal Police (EP)



To celebrate their signing with Metal Blade, Swedish quartet Gehennah are re-releasing their 2014 EP, Metal Police, with a whole host of extra goodies. Originally a four track 7”, the 2015 version now boasts a dozen dirty, in your face blasts of thrash and roll.

Although they’ve been together since the early 90s, Metal Police was only the band’s – made up of Mr Violence (vocals), Rob Stringburner (guitars), Micke “Hellcop” Birgersson (drums) and Charlie Knuckleduster (bass) – second release of the new millennium. As well as a couple of extra songs from the original sessions, the new version comes with re-recordings of older Gehennah material.

The original four tracks all follow the same path; short, sharp rockers of AC/DC meets Motörhead-inspired thrash. It’s over in ten minutes, but it’s great sweaty and sweary fun. The title track and a storming cover of TheDwarves’ ‘Fuck ‘Em All’ are especially pleasing. The bonus tracks continue in the same vein; in your face, no fucks given rock and roll. Gehennah wear their love of classic Motörhead on their sleeves but frontman Mr. Slaughter’s bark adds an even punkier edge than Lemmy could rustle up in his heyday. The likes of ‘Carve Off Your Face (And Shove It Up Your Ass)’, the relentless ‘Hellstorm’ and ‘Piss off, I’m Drinking’ are the perfect soundtrack to a night of drinking, fighting and debauchery.

As re-releases go, Metal Police is a corker. A short but enjoyable EP has been transformed into a dirty, punky full length beast. What Gehennah lack in originality they make up for with energy, attitude, and amusing song titles.


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Game Over – For Humanity (Re-Release)



Italy’s Game Over were one of 2014’s surprise packages. Their sophomore album, Burst Into The Quiet (Scarlet), was rated by many as one of the best thrash releases of the year. To capitalize on their success, the band have re-released their 2012 debut, For Humanity (Scarlet).

From the Nuclear Assault-inspired logo and cartoon apocalypse cover to the copious amounts of denim vest jackets, these Thrash revivalists clearly know their source material. If it wasn’t for the crisp production job, this could have easily come from any number of 80s Bay Area bands.

From the off, there’s little introduction or fanfare and they just get stuck in with the good stuff. Sharp solos, air guitar-inducing riffs, and shout along choruses, everything you want and expect from a quality thrash experience. From the shredding opening of ‘Abyss of a Needle’ to the stomping ‘Bleeding Green’, there’s a strong scent of Anthrax running throughout the album, while frontman/bassist Reno’s vocals are often reminiscent of a slightly less accented Tankard, which is no bad thing.

Highlights including the fast and furious ‘War of Nations’, the Kill ’Em All-inspired ‘Another Dose of Thrash’, the blink and you’ll miss it blur of ‘N.S.A’ are all highlights, but there are occasional moments where things can get a bit tired. ‘Overgrill (El Grillador Loco)’ lacks any real sparkle until the final searing solo, while album closer ‘Tupa Tupa of Die’ fails to really stand out. The re-release comes with three live bonus tracks including a souped-up cover of Motörhead’s ‘Iron Fist’ and a couple of originals, showing off a band who can really bring it on stage.

Game Over know what they want to be, and are a pretty perfect version of it. Fans of Burst Into The Quiet will find their debut equally satisfying. Energetic and well-executed thrash may not be hard to come by, but these guys don’t do much wrong.


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