Skid Row – Backyard Babies – H.E.A.T. – Vega: Live at O2 Ritz, Manchester

A four band bill on a cold Tuesday evening seems like the perfect antidote to the winter blues, so with Skid Row bringing the heat… sorry, bringing along H.E.A.T. alongside Vega and Backyard Babies on support on their latest tour, it seemed like the perfect evening. A quick trip across to Manchester later and it was time for the rather early doors. Continue reading

The Subhumans – Knock Off – You: Live at The 100 Club, London

A first gig of the year after a couple of abortive attempts were blocked by train strikes and I finally get to take in The Subhumans in the annual Punk festival in The 100 Club – the scene of a number of good gigs I’ve enjoyed before. A long trip beckoned, but a hopefully worthwhile one nonetheless to finally see a band I’ve quite liked for a number of years now, complete with You and Knock Off in support duty.Continue reading

Puttin’ On The Foil – Fired Up, Ready To Roll


New musical genres seem to be appearing on the internet daily, many without much use or purpose. However, once in a while a band describes themselves as a genre so unique that it makes you take notice, and this is exactly what Puttin’ On The Foil have achieved with Fired Up, Ready To Roll (Indie). Describing themselves as “hillbilly punk ‘n’ roll” with “tunes to save the world”, it is safe to say that the Okotoks-based three-piece do not take themselves too seriously.

Opening track ‘Shitshow’ begins with a toe-tapping riff, which leads into what can only be described as absolute chaos. The fast-paced and intense song instantly gives you an insight into what Puttin’ On The Foil are about; happy-go-lucky music with simplistic lyrics. Despite the somewhat immature lyrical content, there is something instantly likeable about the humorous band.

The acoustic riff on ‘Fishin’ Song’ lulls you into a fake sense of safety, before leading into a ferocious guitar solo. The general tune of the song sounds vaguely familiar and simplistic, making it stick in your head all day. The lyrics are rather comical; however, their upfront nature and plain to see values could easily appeal to the masses.

Final song ‘Ode To Drunk’ is a comical drinking anthem which could definitely draw in a crowd at a live show. The lyrical focus is obviously on drinking alcohol, making it a possible party anthem. Although Puttin’ On The Foil may not win any awards for creative lyrics, many rock music fans often get fed up of ‘serious’ music and this could easily appeal to them. Sometimes you just want a harmless song to listen to after a long day, and any song from ‘Fire Up, Ready To Roll’ could fit this category.

Despite being a comical band, Puttin’ On The Foil have been able to create an album which demonstrates their potential. All three members are actually rather talented musicians, like Steel Panther, who just enjoy creating hillbilly rock. If you do not take yourself too seriously then you could easily enjoy this harmless rock album.



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