VOLA – Applause Of A Distant Crowd

Danish quartet VOLA are an impossible band to pigeonhole as their 2016 debut Inmazes gleefully hopped genres encompassing Heavy Metal, Prog Rock, Industrial and Electro elements amongst others. Their new album Applause of a Distant Crowd (both Mascot) continues this broad outlook, but this time the keys of Martin Werner play a more prominent role. Continue reading

Black Peaks – All That Divides

It is refreshing to know that it is still possible for bands to make a genuine impression and progress on merit. Black Peaks have not arisen on wings of hot air belched from a hype machine based on market research, haircuts, stylists, or a neat-line in zeitgeist paraphernalia and right-here-right-now shallow bandwagonistic anthems, but as a collective who are on the cusp of succeeding, of truly making an impression on the alternative music landscape, due to the fact of being talented musicians with obvious chemistry, and the ability to craft great works of art distinctive to them alone. Continue reading

Sam Jarvis of Talons Talks New Album – “We All Know”

2018 has, so far, been the year of the Holy Roar, and their collective of alternative takes on challenging and artistic music has seen the label rack up a string of successes with a variety of bands with some very different sounds, all united by a desire to create evocative and provocative music. Sam Jarvis, guitarist of UK post-rock innovators Talons spoke to Ghost Cult to cover all things ‘We All Know’, the band’s third album overall, and first for Holy Roar… Continue reading

GHOST CULT ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2017: Part 1 (50 – 26)

As the dust begins to settle on what will undoubtedly go down in a history as a fine year for heavy and progressive music, the Ghost Cult crew present our favourite albums of 2017. While a year with only a couple of genuine life-changing, genre redefiners, nevertheless 2017 has seen an absolute plethora of very, very high quality releases. With over 400 albums reviewed this year, at an average of 7.5/10, there was a deep pool of quality releases selected and dissected throughout the year. A genuinely democratic inner sanctum here, we now present Part 1 of an official Ghost Cult Album of the Year (2017) run down that s truly representative of Ghost Cult, our writers, and our musical position as a site. Please share your thoughts and comments on the music we collectively love, as we countdown from 50 through to 26… Continue reading

Fleurety – The White Death

If there is one definable moment when 20th Century history took the wrong path, it’s when we decided to remember Prog as being safe. Yes, by the end it was all twenty-minute drum solos and Rick Wakeman in a dress, but Prog grew out of the thrill of experimentation, the desire to subvert and transgress against rock orthodoxy, and the best of it always had a sense of danger at its core. Continue reading

Lunatic Soul – Fractured

Founded in 2008, Lunatic Soul is the musical alter-ego of Riverside frontman and bass player Mariusz Duda. Duda has poured his heart and soul into the new album, Fractured (Kscope), which reflects what seems to have been a turbulent time in his personal life as well as the current sociopolitical climate in general. Continue reading

Threshold – Legends Of The Shires

The last couple of years have proven to be a mixed bag for UK prog-metal stalwarts Threshold. The release of 2014’s For The Journey (Nuclear Blast) saw an increased vibrancy with their strongest album for quite some time and with it, an increased spotlight breaching past their cult following. Ever victims of the revolving door of members, however, saw significant changes in band personnel, with guitarist Pete Morden leaving and the shocking departure of talismanic vocalist Damien Wilson (replaced by one-time vocalist Glyn Morgan) potentially providing stumbling blocks. That they have responded with a double album, near conceptual piece in Legends Of The Shires (Nuclear Blast) shows at the very least they hadn’t run out of ideas, and that they certainly haven’t lost any of their mojo as a result. Continue reading