ALBUM REVIEW: Vexes – Imagine What We Could Destroy – If Only Given Time


Hailing from New Jersey and rising from the ashes of East Coast bands including Vessl and A Life Once Lost, Vexes released their debut album Ancient Geometry in 2018, which saw strong comparisons with Deftones and a clear influence of the seminal band in their work. Fast forward five years and Vexes are following up with Imagine What We Could Destroy /// If Only Given Time (Self-Released) their sophomore double album.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Spheric Universe Experience – Back Home

The new album from melodic progressive heavy metal act Spheric Universe Experience (never have I heard a more perfect name for a band!) Back Home (UPRISING!) is a true musical journey. This new cut, the band’s fifth overall and first for a decade, plays through like a movie soundtrack for some epic sci-fi adventure, which is apt considering this is a concept album set in space.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Monuments – In Stasis

In the four years since their last album release, change has once again been a huge factor for Monuments, in terms of the band themselves and their peers around them. With the change of vocalist Andy Cizek replacing Chris Barretto and long-term guitarist Olly Steele leaving the fold, time has also seen the other bands equally noted for the young djent movement taking force largely move away from it. Monuments on previous efforts were one of the few that have remained fairly rigid in their sound (as strong as that sound and their output has been).

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ALBUM REVIEW: Once Human – Scar Weaver

Five years used to feel like a long time in music. Entire scenes have risen, consumed all and fallen away to be a nostalgic footnote (or an ever-lasting sea change) in the same length between Once Human‘s last release and Scar Weaver (earMUSIC), their re-birth of a third album.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Voivod – Synchro Anarchy

Thrash. Post-Thrash. Punk. Speed. Sci-Fi. Industrial. Proto-Industrial. Avant Garde. Space. Alternative. Progressive. Nuclear. Some quite frankly preposterously named musical genres and subgenres, but into all of which Canadian act Voivod has been unwillingly pigeon-holed over the years. Having firmly refused to be anchored to any one particular style, the band has actually become a little more settled of late, their current approach now reined all the way back to just including all of the above and a small handful of others.

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Voivod Shares New Single and Lyric Video for “Paranormalium”

Metal legends Voivod continue hyping up their new album Synchro Anarchy, out worldwide on February 11th via Century Media Records. Today, the band have released their second single and opening track “Paranormalium”. Pre-orders are now live as well as the details for the deluxe edition. Watch the lyric video created by Cloud Music Typography below:Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Obscura – A Valediction


The talent is evident and the production quality ever-present.

There are shining moments with songs that develop character and identity.

But the abundance of what comes off as shredding for the sake of it, and apparent filler shoe-horned in, tamps down the overall significance of Obscura’s A Valediction (Nuclear Blast).

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ALBUM REVIEW: Cynic – Ascension Codes

It’s been a rough road for Cynic frontman Paul Masvidal over the last year or so. With the sad and untimely deaths of bass player Sean Malone and former drummer Sean Reinert, it would have been reasonable to assume that any new music produced under the Cynic name would cast a bleak shadow indeed.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Iron Maiden – Senjutsu

When every superlative known to man has already been used a hundred times over, it’s difficult to find something to say about Iron Maiden that hasn’t already been said. Every lyric, song, album and music video has been rated and evaluated to within an inch of its life. Business dealings and interviews are scrutinized in microscopic detail, and the minutiae of every record cover examined and dissected like a hairy art project. The moment anything regarding the band is released, the global hive mind that is Maiden’s information-hungry fan base not only know about it but have already expressed their opinion.

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