Nervosa Goes Through Lineup Change, Founder Prika Amaral is The Sole Remaining Member

Brazillian Thrash Metal band Nervosa has lost two members as bassist/vocalist Fernanda Lira and drummer Luana Dametto have left the band. Each made sperate posts, and the split seems amicable, as both are working on new projects already, TBA. Founder and sole remaining member, guitarist Prika Amaral, has stated in a social media post that she will carry on with the band, although she offered no further details. You can read the posts from Fernanda and Luana below. The bands’ 2018 album Downfall of Mankind was released via Napalm Records. Continue reading

Nervosa – Downfall of Mankind

In the thirty-two years since the savage double gut-punch of Reign In Blood (DefJam) and Darkness Descends (Combat), the popularity and aesthetic of Thrash Metal has gone on an undulating journey, from the progressive convolutions of …And Justice For All (Vertigo), through the refining and streamlining of a Persistence of Time (Island), to a decade in the wasteland where ideas and delivery effectively choked in the dust of a seemingly redundant style. Resurrection was found in the party Thrash rebirth headed by the likes of Municipal Waste, and then the more fundamental stylings of Evile and the like. But throughout it all, the Metal underground never lost sight of the devastation that 1986 brutality – the extreme edge of Thrash espoused by Dark Angel, Kreator and Sodom – and the effectiveness of vicious riffing, feral vocals and a relentless battery brings, it’s just that nowadays it’s possible to bring the noise to a wider audience.

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