Audio: Fuck The Facts Premiere Stream New Single – Prey

Fuck The Facts, photo credit Dave Levitt

Fuck The Facts, photo credit Dave Levitt

Great white north grindheads Fuck The Facts are streaming a new single, Prey, from their forthcoming new album Desire Will Rot (Noise Salvation). Stream the track from Decibel Magazine’s website at this link or below:

Desire Will Rot is available for pre-order from the bands’ own indie label for just $4 here and is also available digitally, as a 12” vinyl and Cassette from the FTF website.

Desire Will Rot – track listing:

1. Everywhere Yet Nowhere (2:58)

2. Shadows Collide (2:49)

3. The Path of Most Resistance (1:34)

4. La Mort I (1:36)

5. La Mort II (1:34)

6. Prey (2:22)

7. Storm of Silence (2:38)

8. Solitude (3:11)

9. False Hope (5:46)

10. Circle (7:54)

11. Nothing Changes (6:20)