EXCLUSIVE ALBUM PREMIERE: Guerrilla Ghost “Perpetually Sad Motion Machine”

Coming out of Milwaukee with their own flavor of genre-redefining socially conscious Hip-Hop, Guerrilla Ghost drops their new album this week, Perpetually Sad Motion Machine via Triple Eye Industries. Reminiscent of leaders of the scene like Dead Prez, Common, Jedi Mind Tricks, Dilated Peoples, Dalek, Kool Keith, Death Grips, Jurassic 5 and others; the new album features guest spots by Carnage the Executioner, Lorde Fredd33 (New Age Narcissism), members of Fox Face (Dirtnap Records), and artwork by Child Bite’s Shawn Knight, Perpetually Sad Motion Machine is the next step in the evolution of one of the genre’s rising acts. Jam out to the album now! Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Allfather – ‘Black Triangle’, New Album Coming Soon

British riff-mongers Allfather are back, armed and dangerous, having confirmed the details of their upcoming second album And All Will Be Desolation, to be released via Rotting Throne Records on 7th September. And, being the amiable chaps that they are, Allfather have teamed with Ghost Cult to deliver an exclusive stream of a monolithic slab of riffs, bellows, sludge, hardcore, beards, metal, riffs and fuck you, all by way of the lead off track from …Desolation. Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Into The Great Divide Explores The End Of The Heroes Journey

All this week Ghost Cult been sharing EXCLUSIVE content from Into The Great Divide.  Led by Zack Zalon, this is a must know project for progressive metalheads everywhere. Their current self-titled album is a concept album that tells a story, and each track is narrated like chapters. Ghost Cult brings you the backstory behind each song, in the form of additional previously-unreleased bonus tracks, fleshing out the narrative of the story. In this final segment, the tracks explore rebounding from the depths of loss to discover new perspectives.  Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Feel The Call To Adventure With Into The Great Divide

Ghost Cult has partnered with Into The Great Divide to bring you the EXCLUSIVE backstory behind each track of their self-titled new album. In the vein of the best instrumental progressive metal albums, Into The Great is a concept album with a heavy plot, and each track is narrated, like a chapter in a story. Ghost Cult brings you the EXCLUSIVE backstory behind each song, in the form of additional tracks, fleshing out the narrative. Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Dig Deep Into The Story Of Into The Great Divide’s Prog Masterpiece

Into The Great Divide released a progressive metal masterwork on January 26th,, a self-titled album that is the sole-vision of emerging artist Zack Zalon. The project is a re-interpretation Joseph Campbell’s classic and influential 1949 archetype The Hero’s Journey into 10 musical chapters. Musically the DNA has a lot in common with the best instrumental progressive metal albums, complete with story narration. The album was produced by Richard Chycki (Dream Theater, Rush) and features Mike Mangini of Dream Theater on drums. Ghost Cult is partnering with the band this week to bring you the EXCLUSIVE backstory behind each song in the form of additional tracks, fleshing out the narrative. Stay tuned to our site and our social media channels for more content from Into The Great Divide. Continue reading

Into The Great Divide Premiere “Challenge Accepted” Single

The unknown beckons us to take leave of the norm and embark on journeys of all kinds.” And so begins the journey into the instrumental progressive rock novel Into The Great Divide, due out January 26th. The project, whose mastermind has not revealed himself, re-interprets Joseph Campbell’s classic and influential 1949 archetype The Hero’s Journey. Produced by Richard Chycki (Dream Theater, Rush) and featuring Mike Mangini of Dream Theater on drums, the goal of the release is “to tell the story across 10 individual chapters, each constructed independently to evoke the specific characteristics of that part of the story.

We got our first taste of the material when they released the ‘Tests & Enemies’ single a few weeks ago, and today we have the exclusive premiere of another chapter. Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Bitch Hawk launch New Video For Death, Featuring ElectroBOOM

The Beastie Boys meets Bathory? The songwriter behind hits by Lana Del Rey and Lorde teaming with the vocalist from Satan Takes A Holiday and a renowned jazz musician? A genuine molotov cocktail of styles and ideas wrapped into 2 minutes of a punky, thrashy, trashy, violent, provocative, fuzzy, dirty, wild ride all featuring YouTube sensation ElectroBOOM?

Yep, you betcha!

All of this, and more makes up the enigma that is Swedish Extreme Noise reprobates BITCH HAWK, who have teamed with Ghost Cult to exclusively premiere their headfucking  track, ‘Death’, the second advance track from their upcoming debut album, coming soon on Adrian Recordings. Continue reading

Auditory Armory Stream Their Cover Of “Love You To Death” By Type O Negative

Auditory Armory is not your average band. The influences of the group range from alternative to metal to progressive to jazz and beyond. They expertly use the symbiosis of heavy rock and melody to introspectively explore dark emotions about self-worth and one’s role in the universe. On July 21st, the group will be releasing their long awaited Dark Matter EP, and we are honored to host the exclusive premiere of their cover of Type O Negative‘s ‘Love You To Death’ below! Continue reading

Exclusive Single: Paul Catten returns with Barrabus


Ghost Cult is delighted to team up with ILikePress and British heavyweight “unhinged weirdo riff warriors” Barrabus to exclusively present the première of the first song to be lifted from their upcoming début self-titled album, to be released via Undergroove Records on June 9th 2017.  Continue reading