ALBUM REVIEW: Metal Church – Congregation of Annihilation


Everyone loves a comeback story, don’t they? A tale of fortunes regained, odds defied and former glories revisited. Unfortunately, as is the way with recoveries and revivals, there always has to be darkness before the dawn. And among all the typical and often comparatively inconsequential trials and tribulations artists face during their careers, death seems to play its part far too many times. A fact with which San Francisco act Metal Church are all too familiar.

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REVIEWS ROUND-UP: ft. Enforced – Chronicle – Vintersea – Ignea – Burning Witches


While paring Enforced’s third album, War Remains (Century Media) down to a violent interbreeding of Seasons In The Abyss and Nightmare Logic may seem a little unfair and reductive, nonetheless, it immediately focuses the mind on the sort of aggressive perfection you have in store on this utter treat of metallic pummelling. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Galactic Empire – Special Edition


Formed in a seedy Pennsylvanian cantina in 2015, the rise of Star Wars obsessionists Galactic Empire has been noticeable even to those not blessed with force sensitivity. What began as a bit of fun jamming with Ortolans and Pa’lowicks has quickly led to world tours, videos with millions of views, and seen more costume changes than a shopping trip with Princess Leia and Padmé Amidala.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Angus McSix – Angus McSix and the Sword of Power


Addressing an obvious elephant in the room without actually mentioning said elephant, or indeed the massive pile of dung it left behind, is a tricky if not impossible task. However, for those who don’t already know, the origins of this solo project from Angus McSix (aka Swiss vocalist Thomas Winkler) began in 2021 with a split from his previous band for… reasons.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Kamelot – The Awakening


Five years after the release of their previous studio album The Shadow Theory, US-based, multinational Power Metal legends Kamelot return with the appropriately titled The Awakening (Napalm). The symphonic act’s thirteenth studio album sees the addition of German drummer Alex Landenburg to the band’s ranks, while Swedish vocalist Tommy Karevik has now been fully and completely assimilated, the ghost of former frontman Roy Khan now just a happy memory, as Tommy delivers arguably his strongest and most versatile performance to date.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Exelerate – Exelerate


I didn’t know what to expect when I found Exelerate’s self-titled (From The Vaults) debut album sitting in my inbox for review. I’m usually up past my eyeballs reviewing every filthy death metal and trashy thrash release I can get my grubby mitts on. Exelerate is a power metal band out of Europe and are a hard right turn from what I usually check out.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Lovebites – Judgement Day


A country known for producing some of the most extreme, experimental or just downright bizarre acts in metal, Japan has never really tended to show much interest in its more traditional or western influenced styles. A small but dedicated power metal scene certainly exists, yet remains arguably further underground than the likes of grindcore, noise, and hardcore punk.

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Sabaton Shares a New Single and Lyric Video for “The First Soldier”

Sabaton has shared a new EP, the second in their trilogy of three!” Heroes of the Great War is out now and streaming on all DSPS! All three are limited-edition digipaks of the three EP available for purchase or pre-order at the link below. The band will also release The War To End All Wars movie, a full-length musical motion picture featuring songs from the band’s 10th studio album, The War To End All Wars. Stream the new single and lyric video now for “The First Soldier!”Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Twilight Force – At the Heart of Wintervale


Twilight Force’s newest album At the Heart of Wintervale (Nuclear Blast) is an epic romp through magical mystical lands. Everything about the album screams innocence and adventure. It is clear that these gentlemen, and by extension their fans, love what they do. At the Heart of Wintervale is an immersive listening experience. It’s full of sweeping vistas and swirling colours. You feel the album and see it in your mind, just as easily as listening to the music and lyrics. The album adds two tracks at the end that are orchestral versions of ‘Skyknights of Aldaria’ and ‘The Last Crystal Bearer’, totes worth it! They are amazing and worthy of being on an adventure movie soundtrack. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Legendarium – Death’s Hand In Yours


Legendarium is a fairly busy band already with two releases, the At the Gate of the Black Kingdom single and the project’s third full-length album Under the Spell of Destruction this year alone. Their latest, Death’s Hand In Yours (Self-Released), is their strongest release of the year.

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