Last In Line Share New Video, New Album, Extensive Touring Planned For 2019

Heavy Metal supergroup made up of former Ronnie James Dio collaborators on classics like Holy Diver Last In Line will release their new album II on February 22, 2019 via Frontiers Music Srl. The first single and video just dropped and it is awesome! Watch ‘Landslide’ below! The band also launched a PledgeMusic campaign for pre-oders with amazing merch bundles. Continue reading

Blacktop Mojo Announce PledgeMusic Campaign To Fund New Album

Rising Texas rockers Blacktop Mojo have been a great example of how to do DIY right in their career so far. As they win new fans over from coast to coast, they have announced a PledgeMusic campaign to fund their third full-length album. Their last album, 2017s Burn The Ships, produced by legendary Muscle Shoals producer Jimmy Johnson, is a scorcher! Known for their raw originals and spot-on covers, such as their 6.5 million plus viewed video for their take on Aerosmith’s classic ‘Dream On’, this album is already one of Ghost Cult’s most anticipated albums for 2019. The band commented on the campaign and you can watch the promo video and learn how to support this awesome band now. Continue reading

Failure Share New Video For Dark Speed Track, New Eps Out Today

Failure recently shared a plan to release a series of new Eps, three to be exact, culminating in a new full-length physical album later in 2018. The first of these Eps is out today, In The Future. You can watch the new video for the track ‘Dark Speed’, directed by Ken Andrews and featuring Blade Runner 2049 and Ant-Man actor David Dastmalchian below.

Ken Andrews commented:

“David Dastmalchian is one of our favorite actors so it was a true pleasure to make the first Failure video without the band in it with him.

Support Failure on and sign up to get all of the new music from the band.


News: Maybeshewill Announces New York City Show

maybeshewill bowery ballroom

UK instrumental pro rockers Maybeshewill have confirmed an upcoming New York show on Saturday, February 20, 2016 at The Bowery Ballroom in New York City. The band announced they will be embarking on their last tour as a band in 2016, and a PledgeMusic campaign has been launched and they commented on this:

Making a show in North America happen has been a challenge for Maybeshewill, but something we’ve wanted to do for a very long time. We’ve come so close on so many occasions, and with time finally running out we’ve decided that we have to make that leap, if there is any way we can.

We have announced a show at The Bowery Ballroom in New York City on the 20th February 2016.

Unfortunately we aren’t able to add any more shows whilst we’re over there, but we hope that this will at least allow a few of you to come and meet us in the middle.

That said, this is a big leap for us, and we’re going to need your help if we’re going to make it happen – whether or not you’re able to make it to the show we’ve put together some packages of things we think you guys will like, and started a PLEDGE campaign which will help us offset some of the costs of flights and visas and all the stuff that goes along with playing a show on the other side of the world.

We’re not a band who take asking for this sort of thing from our fans lightly, so we’ve tried to put together some things that we think you guys would be genuinely interested in having – especially as we’re increasingly aware that there are people we won’t be able to see on the final tour, and who might never be able to see us live – so whether or not you’re based in North America, hopefully there are some things here that will interest you, and maybe you can help get us that little bit closer to playing for as many people as possible before our time is up.

Amongst other things we’ve got an exclusive t-shirt design which will only be available to pledgers, two huge backdrops from previous Maybeshewill tours, and a whole selection of stuff which you can get signed to whoever you wish, including full final tour posters which will also only be available here.


The campaign is only running until the end of January, so get in quickly!

If you’re able to help, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts,


Self Driven Punk Rock – The Dollyrots


No all of it. The whole thing. You have to get the whole thing in there. It’s good for your stomach. Especially if you have a sour stomach, which is weird if you think it would make it more sour. Eat the whole slice – rind and all,” yells bassist and lead vocalist Kelly Ogden of LA pop punkers The Dollyrots, to her drummer for the evening Rikki Styxx (also of LA based The Two Tens), over a discussion about how to drink water.

“Whenever it’s in my water – you’ve gotta get your Vitamin C or [you’ll get] scurvy! We’re rock pirates but we won’t go that far!,” she says, with a smile.

the dollyrots 2

The band has been successfully supporting their latest album titled Pregnant and Barefoot, where they had just completed a national tour supporting Bowling For Soup this past summer, and previously doing a West Coast run with Black Flag and a UK run with the Buzzcocks.

This was all done following the birth of Ogden and guitarist Luis Cabezas’ son River, and balancing their home life with promoting their new album in 2013.

I love it! In so many ways it’s easier and some weird ways it’s harder. People are like ‘how do you bring a baby on tour?’ That’s the easiest part. I think my enemy is boredom. The kid is super smart and so aware of everything. We want him to have the best childhood ever. After childhood, everything is downhill. He might as well live it up and have the best experience possible. We’ll put on our happy faces no matter what. Just have the best life he could have,” said Ogden, about becoming a punk rock mother and raising their son within a rock n roll environment.

Would she do it again? “I might do it again if the cards align someday soon. We’ll see. Not right now,” she says, with a smile.

dollyrots with rikki styxx

Styxx became the latest drummer to perform with the Dollyrots, and since the band’s start in 2000 back in their home state of Florida, they have encountered a Spinal Tap esque situation with drummers (except without the explosions).

With a little help with Cabezas, Ogden named off the alumni of drummers who had fulfilled their tour of duty with them.

I totally remember all of their names. It started with Mike Benbow, then Frank Beasley, Josh Valenti, Amy Wood…Joaquin was in there for a week…one show,” she said.

Chris Black, Rick Welta, Alicia Warrington, James Carman, Aixa Vilar, Reed Crier…,” said Cabezas.

There’s one time we played in Massachusetts and we had 12 different drummers because Chris had to fly home for a wedding. Every kid in that city learned a song. It was cool in theory but it was the most excruciating show I’ve ever played in my life,” she then said.

These weird yetis would show up and they looked like punk rocker drummers. We thought ‘oh they’re going to be awesome!’ and then you’d have these dorky high school kids come and they’d kill it!,” he said.

I guess we don’t know all of their names for that one show,” she added. “Oh…there’s Mel. Fink. Mel Funk. I always mix up that.

dollyrots live 2

Since 2011, the band chose to release their own music without the help of a record label and handle their own affairs. Their self titled album was the first release on their own and through the help of crowdfunding via PledgeMusic, they found the help of their longtime fans to get their music out to the world.

I mean it’s based on the fact that we’ve put out enough records to have really awesome fans. So once you tour enough and put out enough music, then there’s people that will love you band no matter what you do. So the way we do it now through crowd sourcing, we feel like we really owe it to our fans to give them a really good album,” she explains.

dollyrots live

Ogden elaborates further about how being a DIY artist has changed their approach at how they reach fans without the help of a record label or a marketing company.

We push ourselves even harder than when we were on a record label. We’re really lucky to have [these fans]. The thing is, we’d be making a record in little bubbles and we wouldn’t have a lot of feedback except from the labels. We wanted them to like it. It wasn’t for so much for our fans. It was kind of weird because we make music for the people who listen to your music.

dollyrots kelly ogden

It feels so much clearer now. It’s like we’re making music for these people and we’re going to put it in an envelope and send it to them ourselves. It feels the way it should be. It’s cool because we get to be close to them and they get to see a lot more of our life and we get to be back during the writing process. It just seems…for our band at least – the whole growing up in the 90s was like…aww…you get to be in a band and we get to be mysterious. Nobody really knows things about you. That’s just not how our band works, which is a little surprising. Listen, I probably seem very outgoing but to be honest if we were to go to your house for a barbecue on a Sunday afternoon, I would have diarrhea because I would be so nervous about having to interact with people. We’re actually socially awkward. It’s funny but within the band thing it works. It’s cool doing this with our fans.

dollyrots Mailer-Header-Come-Out-And-Play

Aside from the crowdfunding and touring, the Dollyrots have constantly promoted their music through social media and kept their name out in the public. They have regularly released free songs (usually cover songs and holiday related tunes), and have used StageIt to attract their fans to watch their show streamed online.

It’s here! Our annual Holiday Merch Explosion! Head to & hook it up… brand new hoodies, bundles, & an ugly Xmas sweater!

Posted by The Dollyrots on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ogden talked about how much work went into running their crowdfunding campaign.

The bands that do PledgeMusic now – we were just talking about it – Sum 41 just did their new record. Weezer did one. Freakin’ Smashing Pumpkins did one….Soul Asylum….it just makes so much more sense now.

But those bands – I don’t know if they do it the way we do it with lots of personal stuff, which makes it a lot more fun for us. They do a preorder and then they have a merch company ship everybody their stuff.

dollyrots kelly with flag

Sum 41’s not sitting there personalizing all 40,000 CDs! Once you go over a certain quantity it’s not feasible,” says Cabezas, cutting into the conversation.

I didn’t bake cookies this time but I’ve been feeling the guilt working in. I’m considering making the cookies a super prime item. I’ll send you a dozen cookies…but it’s going to cost like $80 because last time I had to make 37 dozen cookies….in a one bedroom apartment with one oven and one rack! It took me four days. It was kind of awful. The thing is…it’s that many days of my life that I can’t do anything but bake the cookies,” added Ogden, about one of her ideas that became a bit challenging.

Through the PledgeMusic campaign, they reached fans from all over the globe. She shared some of the more unusual spots they received pledges from. “Obviously we have a lot of fans in the UK. There’s this island…some part of France…Revere Islands and it was some French island and the post office couldn’t even figure it out. It’s some weird French island the US owns.

Then she talked about the biggest challenges behind doing the pledge campaigns. Being that the Dollyrots have to run their own campaigns, the work involved is not always for everyone, but the band still chose to tackle the challenge head first.

Fulfillment. I think some people that are new to the method don’t understand that if they get a song and if 25 other people get a song that’s written for them, it may take us a year. We’ve honestly I would say 99 percent of the time people have been really cool about it. But I feel like there may be other people that are disappointed that we don’t hear from, and that sucks when it’s just the band. We don’t hire a merch company. It takes up our lives until we do it again and then it takes up our whole lives.

I know the ins and outs of the US Postal System. I have my own postal scale. We do every single bit of it. It’s kind of crazy. We get a discount in doing it online.

The Koreatown post office – the Dosan Ahn Chang on 6th Street is the one that me and Luis would take everything to before we got our own scale. They would see the two of us walk in and I would be holding the baby…I think we started before he was born. We started shipping before he was born. We would see us walk in with these huge boxes and they would all shake their heads and look down. People in line behind us – I would feel this stabby stab in my back when I’m at the window. It would take us about three hours at the window.

We’re there so long. We know their names. We know where they go on vacation and where they grew up. It was really funny. After a few times, they would be funny when they’d get us because we can just hang out and chat for a while. The managers at the post office were not happy.

While they are still promoting Barefoot and Pregnant, they have proceeded with working on their Family Vacation: Live In Los Angeles CD and DVD, recorded and filmed on tour this past summer. Ogden explained the story behind the release.

So we just finished and got the mastered audio back. So the audio part is done. The live video we filmed stuff all along the last couple of tours, starting in June until now. So we did the East Coast, Texas and the West Coast. So we did a lot of tour diaries.

dollyrots family vacation live in los angeles

The main shows, because hiring a camera crew is real expensive, so we only really filmed New York and LA, and we used LA pretty much for the show. It’s just a live show experience because it’s different touring for us now. We only do a week and a half because we have to fly in. We have a baby and a nanny and the three of us. It’s complicated and with the economy the way it is, it doesn’t make sense for us to be on tour for eight weeks at a time. So we find the places where we can afford to go and then book short little tours around that. It’s awesome.

[Teaser] A few more seconds of our upcoming live DVD!! #TheDollyrotsFamilyVacationPre-order:

Posted by The Dollyrots on Saturday, November 21, 2015

By Rei Nishimoto

Shihad – FVEY


With a stellar canon in their back pocket, Shihad are arguably New Zealand’s greatest rock export, with five number one albums in their home country and a slew of alternative rock anthems to rely on for their vaunted live performances. While FVEY has been available in the Southern Hemisphere, since August last year, 2015 sees it breaking through the surface in the northern half of our planet via a PledgeMusic campaign.

The first thing to note is that Jaz Coleman (Killing Joke) is once more at the production helm, turning in a crystal clear, juddering sound that particularly suits the heavier, clanking grooves of the opening tracks, of which ‘The Big Lie’ takes the most plaudits with powerful heaves of guitar mugging before Jon Toogood invites you to share in a great chorus. Elsewhere, Coleman adds touches of appropriate class as the adrenaline drains away to more mid-paced lurches as the album progresses, ‘The Great Divide’ in particular touched by the dark rock of Coleman’s day job.

Kicking out the jams with the rockers and a run of songs that are reminiscent of Filter at their loudest, the album turns more brooding as it progresses, while still maintaining sufficient energy to stop matters from tailing off before ‘Model Citizen’ convulses and spits to pick up the aggro, and ‘Wasted In The West’ has a neck-snap that builds to an understated, chorus over a barrel of guitar.

FVEY (or Five Eyes – a reference to an intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the US and the UK) adds the nous and cynicism of a band with their heads and foil hats screwed on to the class and depth of seasoned professionals yet manages to avoid sterile songwriting, even though the album pacing could have been helped by one of the rockers appearing later down the order.

At this stage in their twenty-six year career, Shihad could release good albums in their sleep; their stomping intros, questioning verses and intelligent choruses could almost write themselves. Yet their renewed focus and vigour, aided by the cerebral touches of Coleman’s production, answer the question the band themselves pose in ‘Think You’re So Free’, where Toogood hollers “Do you think we’ll wake up?”

Shihad are wide awake, five eyes open, and back at the top of their game.




Crowdfunding: Sikth – New EP and December UK Tour

sikth pledgemusic

SikTh has launched a PledgeMusic crowdfunding campaign towards releasing a new EP and a December headlining UK tour. Vocalist Mikee Goodman said of the project:

“We did not realise our music had spread so far! I believe we have amongst the most passionate and energetic fans in the World. I am honoured to play to them. But what we have been asked most is about new music. My desire to make new Sikth music is as strong as it’s ever been. I can’t wait to get started!”

Dec 05: Classic Grand – Glasgow (UK)
Dec 06: Academy 2 – Manchester (UK)
Dec 10: Marble Factory – Bristol (UK)
Dec 11: Academy 2 – Birmingham (UK)
Dec 12: Forum – London (UK)

sikth uk tour december 2015

Dan Weller Producer Q&A Part 1 PledgeMusic update is live!!

Posted by SikTh (official) on Thursday, May 7, 2015

Lyric Video: Dommin – Rise, New Album Due June 21st


US Alternative rockers Dommin will be releasing their second album titled Rise, on June 21, 2015 via DNRecords, and are streaming their first lyric video for the title track below. The album was produced by Matt Squire (Panic! At The Disco, The Used, HIM) and mixed by Joe Barresi (Queens of the Stone Age, Tool). They have launched a PledgeMusic campaign to pre-order the album plus plenty of rare and unique items. Check it out here.

Enigmatic frontman and guitarist Kristofer Dommin reveals, “Rise is a musical evolution. I don’t enjoy repeating myself creatively so this album offers fans another face of the band. The songs are more empowering, maybe a bit more pissed-off, and definitely a lot more tongue-in-cheek.” Dommin’s keyboardist, Konstantine, sums it up with one word, “swagger.”

Dommin on Facebook
Dommin on Twitter
Dommin on YouTube
Dommin on Instagram

Crowdfund: Soul Asylum – New Album

soul asylum

Soul Asylum has launched a PledgeMusic campaign and is planning on releasing an album of all new material later this year. Pledge exclusives include signed copies of the new album, your name in the liner notes, live and rare Grave Dancers Union download, custom t-shirt designed for Pledgers only, Skype drum workshop with Michael Bland, side stage viewing at an upcoming show, guest list for life, signed acoustic guitar, private acoustic show, private full band concert, original Dave Pirner artwork and much more.

If you want to be part of the process and see what other unique and one of a kind pledge prizes the band has to offer, then check out their PledgeMusic page here.

Pledging will also give you access to a Pledger-only section of the site, like private backstage access into the creative process where the band will be posting video updates, audio clips, pictures, blogs and more.

The heart and soul of Soul Asylum remains intact as they continue to produce heartfelt and passionate rock n’ roll. Soul Asylum 2015 consists of Pirner, Michael Bland on drums, Winston Roye on bass, and Justin Sharbono on guitar.

We’re so pleased to announce a BRAND NEW SOUL ASYLUM RECORD which you can pre-order now from Leading up to the release we’ll be giving you behind-the-scenes content, available exclusively to those who order at PledgeMusic. We’ll share some of the new music and video clips you won’t see anywhere else and you can claim bonus items like signed set lists, drum sticks, handwritten lyrics, or even have us play a show at your house!We’re very excited to share this new record with you and thank you for being a part of it. Dave, Michael, Winston, Justin. Join us now at

Posted by Soul Asylum on Friday, March 27, 2015

We’re so pleased to announce a BRAND NEW SOUL ASYLUM RECORD which you can pre-order now from…

Posted by Soul Asylum on Friday, March 27, 2015

East Cameron Folkcore Streaming “Kingdom Of Fear Pt 1” Music Video

east cameron folkcore

Austin folk punk rockers East Cameron Folkcore is dropping their cinematic concept album Kingdom of Fear on April 7, 2015 via Nine Mile Records, and are streaming their video for “Kingdom Of Fear Pt 1” below.

Kingdom of Fear was recorded over the first half of 2014 and mastered by Howie Weinberg. The fourteen songs on Kingdom of Fear are divided into four chapters, perfectly split for the double-vinyl edition of the album, which you can now pre-order via the bands PledgeMusic Campaign.

east cameron folkcore kingdom of fear part one

East Cameron Folkcore will be celebrating the release or their 3rd LP in grand fashion with a four-night multimedia theatrical performance of Kingdom of Fear in its entirety at The Salvage Vanguard Theater April 1-4. Prior to that, they have a mammoth 12 SXSW performances next week. A full list of performance can be found below.

Kingdom Of Fear Track List
1 What the Thunder Said
2 Kingdom of Fear
3 The Joke
4 969

5 The Greater Fool
6 Fracking Boomtown
7 Modern Man
8 When We Get Home

9 Protest Hero
10 Our City
11 A Black Heart for the Beating Drum
12 Newspeak

13 Into Hells Sea
14 Goodbye to Fear

east cameron folkcore kingdom of fear

East Cameron Folkcore Tour Dates
Mar 14: Austin American Statesman Parking Lot Austin 360 Rock the Lot 7pm – Austin, TX
Mar 16: Empire Control Room & Garage Mother Falcon Pre SXSW Party 9pm – Austin, TX
Mar 17: Red 7 (Outside) Official SXSW Showcase 8pm – Austin, TX
Mar 17: Maggie Mae’s KLBJ 93.7 Party 1am – Austin, TX
Mar 18: The ABGB Austin Independent Radio Day Party 4pm – Austin, TX
Mar 18: The White Horse The White Horse Day Party 7pm – Austin, TX
Mar 19: Lamberts BMI Day Party 2pm – Austin, TX
Mar 20: Shiner Saloon Eye in the Sky Day Party 5pm – Austin, TX
Mar 21: Holy Mountain Best of Austin Party 4pm – Austin, TX
Mar 21: The Vortex Theater Altercation Records Day Party 6pm – Austin, TX
Mar 21: TenOak ATX6 Official SXSW Showcase (Jesse Moore solo) 10pm – Austin, TX
Mar 21: Lambert’s Official SXSW Showcase 1am – Austin, TX
Apr 01: Salvage Vanguard Theater KINGDOM OF FEAR CD/LP Release – Austin, TX
Apr 02: Salvage Vanguard Theater KINGDOM OF FEAR CD/LP Release – Austin, TX
Apr 03 Salvage Vanguard Theater KINGDOM OF FEAR CD/LP Release – Austin, TX
Apr 04: Salvage Vanguard Theater KINGDOM OF FEAR CD/LP Release – Austin, TX

East Cameron Folkcore on Facebook
East Cameron Folkcore on Twitter