Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers – Bought To Rot

“Learn to trust yourself, no one else matters”: the opening statement to Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers first album is stark and powerful. Delivered in a snarled spoken word so as to puncture the eardrum as the first thing you hear to launch an album Grace apparently feared would never be if she didn’t make it this year, it’s a strong portent of things to come, that Bought To Rot (Bloodshot) is as much a lyrical album as anything else.Continue reading

Remembering David Bowie

We should start with a statement of the obvious. David Bowie will never be forgotten. However, as we approach the one-year anniversary of his passing, it seems like an entirely apposite moment to pause for a moment. To reflect and consider in our ADHD, always on culture about the power, influence, and imagination of The Thin White Duke.Continue reading

Introducing – Deadaudiosaints

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Only a few ears since forming near Leeds UK, electro-rockers Deadaudiosaints have been turning on ears with their eclectic mix of catchy rock anthems, hummable chorus and riffs. Vincent Renn of Ghost Cult caught up with Danny Jones to learn more about this up and coming band.


You guys formed in 2013, and seem to be touring non-stop. What’s that like?

We love playing live, it’s what it’s all about. You can’t replicate a crowd connection anywhere but in that environment. Plus it’s always good fun travelling in a van then arguing on who is sleeping where.


What bands inspired your sound and inspired you to be musicians?

We all have a few different influences but share common ground with bands such as Marilyn Manson, Placebo, Papa Roach, Deftones, Rob Zombie. The musicianship and stage shows from these in particular are big influences.

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Would you say that it’s all the different influences that give you guys the sound which is clearly your own?

For sure. Because we all have our own spin on each others ideas it gives us a very diverse catalogue to bring things from. Which is where our sound comes from.


‘Forever’ is one of those songs that sounds familiar, yet fresh and brand new. Can you tell us how the single came together?

Forever actually started off as a synth line idea then musically things developed over that pretty quick. With regards to the lyrics and stuff. I riffed around with the melody then began playing around with the lyrics. It’s kind of my twist on the ‘He fucked me over in Love’ scenario. I flipped it round to ‘She fucked me over in Love’. The track means a lot to me so it was cool that the end product turned out pretty sweet. Plus we had Tyler ‘Scout’ Acord (formerly of Issues) mix and master the track to get that big sound which was really cool.


How does the writing process work for you guys? Is it a studio process or are you always writing?

It just depends on the mood to be honest. A lot of ideas are thrown around outside the studio then we all get together to put it all together and iron out the creases to put the Deadaudiosaints sound to it.


What else do you guys have planned as far as releasing new music?

We are busy writing and filtering through stuff and we are hoping to get our debut album out this year. There will no doubt be a new video soon too.


Who’s on your bucket list to tour with?

This list could be huge but definitely Marilyn Manson, Placebo, Papa Roach, Rob Zombie, Korn, 30 Seconds To Mars.

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What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone whom you inspired to become a musician?

‘Make your music for yourself, enjoy it, do your own thing’ If you believe in what you do and people can see the passion then they will connect with it.


How soon can your fans in the United States expect to see you?

We are hoping to be over in States this summer but if the opportunity arrises sooner then we will be there straight away.



Addams Family or The Munster’s and why?

Addams Family but not entirely sure why ……….. but the Munsters had The Dragula.


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Victor Love – The Network EP


For those of you unfamiliar with the delights of Victor Love: no, this isn’t some 1950s B-Movie hero. Love, in fact, heads up Italian Electro-Industrialists Dope Stars Inc, and The Network EP (Self-Released/Independent) is a rare solo outing.

It’s an edgy if often thin sound: opener ‘Doom Trap’ is punchy and sinister, but heavy on the synth work which occasionally comes across as a forlorn clavichord. It’s easy to level accusations of 80s Pop toward this but in truth there’s far more drama: ‘…Trap’s roared choruses possess the breezy airs of Babylon Zoo, but strangely succeed in thickening the atmosphere rather than lifting it. There’s a cheesiness to the ensuing ‘Machine Gun’ despite the subtle clashing and grinding which underpins the confrontational refrain; the almost onomatopoeic delivery and horrendous, Bontempi-style preamble grating somewhat. There is, however, cold steel in the near-antagonistic focal points, and an icy chill to the initially sparing keys of closer ‘Net Reality’: the standout track, displaying tragedy through the lush high points which falls somewhere between a balladic Marilyn Manson and an Electronica-laden Placebo. Here Love’s voice is spiked yet melodic, the frisson created by those icicle-drop keys evoking the seedy desolation of a dark backstreet in 30s Berlin.

It’s debatable how potent a full album of this occasionally brittle yet bitter Cyber-Punk style could be. The Network is eminently listenable nevertheless, and possesses enough sharp teeth to pique the emotions.




Audio: Love Amongst Ruin – Swan Killer

love amongst ruin 2

Former Placebo drummer Steve Hewitt’s new project Love Amongst Ruin is streaming their new song “Swan Killer,” off of their sophomore release Lose Your Way, out June 2, 2015 via Ancient B. The track features The Cure’s Perry Bamonte on bass.

love amongst ruin lose your way

Lose Your Way Tracklisting
01: Lose Your Way
02: Modern War Song
03: Watch Myself
04: Swan Killer
05: Paper Tigers
06: So Close
07: Menace Ballad
08: Oh God

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