In Flames’ Peter Iwers and Bjorn Gelotte Issue ‘Restaurant 2112’ Book

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In Flames bassist Peter Iwers and guitarist Bjorn Gelotte, and childhood friend, Swedish journalist Mattias Lindeblad have penned a book titled Restaurant 2112 – A Tale Of Meat And Metal, about their Restaurant 2112 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The forward was written by Swedish actor Peter Stormare.

The restaurant opened in the spring of 2011 on Magasinsgatan 5 in their hometown, and quickly gaining a reputation for prize-winning burgers and a warm, welcoming ambience. The reader also gets a unique sneak peak into the fascinating, break neck-speed and sometimes crazy life style of a touring heavy metal band, as well as a number of favorite recipes from the Restaurant 2112 menu, and meeting a number of celebrities likely to surface there, including Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquillity), Matt Heafy (Trivium), and Oscar Dronjak (Hammerfall).

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In Flames Bassist Issues Signature Ibanez Bass

Peter Iwers bass

In Flames bassist Peter Iwers has a new signature bass PIB3 out now via Ibanez Guitars. This is his first signature bass, which matches his aggressive and ruthless playing style, with a black finish. It has a five piece maple/bubinga neck, maple body, and dramatic inlay, plus with its Bartolini Custom pickups deliver explosive low end with tone to spare.

It is available for purchase at the following locations: US, UK, EUROPE, and SWEDEN.

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