Almost Famous Movie Cast Reunites for 20th Anniversary Podcast

For a generation of music fans, Almost Famous is the music movie! Chronicling the start of the music journalism career of teenage music journalist William (a stand-in for director Cameron Crowe in a glamourized version of his early life story) and fictitious 1970s rock band Stillwater, Almost Famous had great storytelling, a fantastic cast and an amazing soundtrack, with originals written by Peter Frampton and Nancy Wilson of Heart. The film turns 20 this year and will be celebrated by the entire cast on a podcast series. James Andrew Miller has managed to gather up the entire cast and crew to reunite on his podcast. Almost Famous writer Cameron Crowe will be joining stars alongside Kate Hudson, Patrick Fugit, Billy Crudup, Jimmy Fallon, Zooey Deschanel, Frances McDormand, and Nancy Wilson among others will join.

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Surviving Members of Rush Comment on Neil Peart’s Death, Other Rockers React

As new spreads around the globe of the passing of drumming and Progressive Music Giant Neil Peart, reactions have been swift and the outpouring deep. Beginning with a statement from Rush band members Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson, many icons of the music world themselves, including many great Canadians, commented on the profound impact Peart had on us all. Fans have joined in the world over with their tributes as well. We’ll have more information about this tragic and terrible loss for the music world as it develops. Continue reading

Ancient Ascendant – Raise The Torch

As far back as 2008, with the independently released EP The Heathen Throne, Ancient Ascendant have been very clear in their intentions. And with a couple more EPs and two very well received albums under their belts, the English Black/Death Metal quartet have raised the bar again with latest full length, Raise The Torch (Candlelight).Continue reading