GayC/DC to Kickoff West Coast Tour

GayC/DC the hilarious and brilliant gay AC/DC tribute band will start their run of west coast dates tonight! Taking music and lyrics of “the worlds’ most heterosexual band” and flipping it on its ear, bathing it in a glimmering pink light and disco ball, and putting their own LGBTQ spin on the iconic band. The band kicks tour dates through the spring on March 12th at Maui Sugar Mill (Tarzana, CA). They are promising new music soon! For a sample of what the band does best check out this cover of “It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll),” a collaboration with LA-based band Well Hung Heart!

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Black Ink River – “Sulphur Sky”

Ghost Cult brings you the new music video from raucous rockers Black Ink River, for their song “Sulphur Sky”! The hilarious clip takes on the form of a parody of a church revival meeting, complete with a preacher, the rabid congregation, and faith healing. The track is the second single from their new album, due for release later this year and followers the previous single “NO NO NO”. Check out the video here!Continue reading

Watch Guns N Roses “Welcome To The Jungle” in the Styles of Lady Gaga, Rammstein, Billie Eilish, Periphery, Amy Winehouse, Alice In Chains, Lizzo, Korn, and more

YouTuber Anthony Vincent is at it again with another 10 Second Songs Video! Watch Guns N Roses mega-hit ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ performed in the styles of Lady Gaga, Rammstein, Billie Eilish, Periphery, The Smiths, Amy Winehouse, Alice In Chains, Celtic Folk, Bluegrass, Eurobeat, Bollywood, Lizzo, James Brown, Korn, Aerosmith/Run DMC and more!Continue reading

ORCumentary – Destroy The Dwarves


If there’s a question more thorny in the world of Metal than the purpose of live albums, it is surely, what is the point of comedy bands? The line can sometimes be hard to draw in a genre where even our revered classics border on self-parody, but there is a palpable difference between the essential silliness of the style and a band built around a joke, and there’s something hard-to-swallow – something almost “un-Metal”, as elitist as that might sound – about the latter.

The first thing you notice about ORCumentary is the guitar sound – it sounds like a collection of roughed-up, distorted midi-files strung together into riffs. Then you realise that that’s exactly what it is. Destroy The Dwarves (Orc Rock) is entirely the work of sole-member Orc Adams, who has created all of the music on his keyboards and added vocals over the top. Once you realise what’s going on it’s actually quite impressive, and sounds better than you might expect – honestly, I’ve heard Black Metal bands that sound less like real guitars – but once the shock of the unusual has worn off the music has to be judged alongside other folk-tinged Black Metal, and, even in the frequently shoddy genre, it doesn’t do well. There are some effectively catchy riffs, and the keyboard melodies are often as sharp as you’d expect from a keyboardist’s band, but its assembled crudely and often hangs together unconvincingly, riffs mashing into parpy sections with little real sense of why. The closest comparison is probably someone like Nekrogoblikon or old Finntroll, but ORCumentary are firmly the bargain-basement version.

It might be easier to overlook some of Orcumentary’s musical shortcomings if they were actually funny, but once again their efforts in this direction miss the mark. Humour is, of course, a very subjective thing, and I’m sure there’ll be people laughing out loud at Destroy The Dwarves’ squeaky dwarf voices and chants of “You! Must! Procreate!”, but they left me cold. It also doesn’t help that this is clearly played for laughs; front-loading the humour and practically screaming “this is funny!” after every song – compare with the recent album by Gloryhammer, which delivers lines of total over-the-top silliness with an utterly straight face, and succeeds in being considerably funnier as a result. Destroy The Dwarves in comparison feels more like a drunk student joke, and not a great one.

It’s difficult to seriously criticise Destroy The Dwarves, for the simple reason that all of its flaws are so clearly deliberate, and it can’t be denied that putting together an album of this nature by yourself with nothing but midi-synths IS impressive, but when held up alongside other albums it’s just not enough. Shit on purpose is still shit, and a smart trick is worth less than a regular band if it can’t deliver the goods. Perhaps worth listening to once just for the novelty, but I’d honestly be surprised if many people even finished the album, let alone came back for more.




Video: Magnvm Chaos Release Patriotic A For America Video



Just in time for the 4th of July, San Diego band Magnvm Chaos has released their patriotic, comedic ode to America as a video dubbed ‘A For America’. You can watch the video at this link or below:


The video was directed by vocalist Matt Gibson, who is also a filmmaker. Magnvm Chaos is comprised of Gibson, guitar player Daniel Konar, bassist Nick Shores, and drummer Greg Brown.The band is currently preparing to record an album and booking shows across Southern California.

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