Pig Destroyer Announces Two Nights in Baltimore with Cloud Rat, Outer Heaven Cemetery Piss and More!

Pig Destroyer has announced a new two-night stand concert event in Baltimore, Two Nights Of Terror At Metro Gallery Baltimore with Pig Destroyer! They will be playing different sets each night with different lineups. Tickets go on sale this Friday 4/26 at 10 AM. Night one includes Cloud Rat, Cemetery Piss, Ampallang Infection, and Virginia Creep. Night two includes Outer Heaven, Red Death, No/Más and Zealot R.I.P. The amazing poster is by Mark Richards of Heavy Hand Illustrations. Details below. Pig Destroyer’s recent album Head Cage released via Relapse Records in 2018. Continue reading

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Today is the day! The third annual Decibel Metal and Beer Festival takes place today at the Fillmore in Philadelphia! Fourteen of the best bands and some of the best craft brewers in the world converge in Philly for all the mayhem. Today Saturday and tomorrow Sunday, April 13-14, 2019, will be full of music, beers, and awesometastic vendors and people. The pre-party was last night, but we have your preview below. Doors and pours start at 4 PM and there are a few tickets left at the door!Continue reading

October 12th 2018 New Music Releases

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Outer Heaven – Diabolus Vobiscum


Taking a Latin phrase of religious meaning such as “Domins vobiscum” and adding a satanic connotation may rank as a rather unoriginal and even a little juvenile manner to release naming, yet it is the approach that Douglassville’s own Outer Heaven have adopted for their debut release (excluding their 2013 demo available for download). Not that EP release Diabolus Vobiscum (Melotov) is a laughing matter; far from it.

It is clear that Outer Heaven are not setting out to reinvent the wheel by any stretch but their sound does draw upon several of metal’s poles of extremity. A huge overriding element sees them draw upon the sludgy, rawness of the early death metal greats with in its guttural tone and primal production values. EP opener ‘Lord Of The Void’ highlights their doom streak however with its bluesy, Sabbath like opening bars (even the title sounds like a tribute to the fathers of heavy metal) and continued droning pace, abruptly interjected by a brief blastbeat segment. This sets the tone throughout as the rest of the EP takes on a dark, brooding crawl of a pace with a huge sense of ferocity.

Diabolus Vobiscum may show some signs of cliché and formulas tried and tested by the greats, but this is far from mere aping and hero worship. Outer Heaven on their debut have delivered a very nasty slice of vintage death metal with plenty of replay value, and surely putting them on the map in the underground.


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