OTEP Sends a Call To Arms To Fans To Appear On Their Next Album

OTEP is currently finishing their new album, due for release later in 2018. In a post on social media, Otep Shamaya calls upon fans to share their voices to be on the album, in the wake of the current political climate. Otep has been a frequent observer of the political climate of the world and has been an especially vocal critic of the current policies of President Trump. Detail below on how you can participate, refuse to be silent, and have your voice be heard. Continue reading

Otep Talks Trump’s America, Touring, And Surviving

For over fifteen years Otep Shamaya has fought a battle on many levels to shift paradigms in both society and the music industry. Leading her band OTEP, she has made a career of making protest music with her mix of spoken word, theater, metal, art, hip-hop and punk rock. Keith Chachkes of Ghost Cult met up with Otep at Webster Hall in New York City to chat about the current political climate in America, LGTBQ issues, making art, being a veteran band, touring and much more. Videography by Lisa Schuchmann.Continue reading

Musicians Mourn Film Icon Carrie Fisher

Shock and sadness swept the internet yesterday as word came down that actress and cultural icon Carrie Fisher had died at age 60. Fisher, best known as Princess Leia Organa in five of the eight released films in the Star Wars film franchise, passed away from complications from a heart attack she suffered before Christmas. Musicians, artists, and fans from across the world flooded social media with their reactions of anger and grief:Continue reading

Video: OTEP Partners With All Def Poetry Channel For New Spoken Word Piece


Otep Shamaya continues her ground-breaking career as a musician with her band OTEP, as a political activist, a published author, and an actress as well. She has partnered with Russell Simmons’All Def Poetry Channel to create new spoken word performances.Continue reading

Otep – Generation Doom

OTEP Generation Doom album cover 2016 ghostcultmag

Otep has a new album out titled Generation Doom (Napalm Records). As a longtime Otep fan, I’m always well chuffed when they release new music. Music of course being a derivative term as what Otep does is more art for the ears than anything. The first thing I noticed with Otep’s Generation Doom is that it’s heavy! Generation Doom is a heavy metal album. You can head bang and thrash about the living room whilst listening to this album. The album opens with the track ‘Zero’. It doesn’t take long before you are screaming the refrain “I don’t give a fuck!” along with lead singer Otep Shamaya. The guitars are just gobsmackingly amazing. The drumming is heavy and thumptastic.

‘Lords of War’ was one of the first singles released. It is political in nature without beating you over the head. Otep raps above some dark and heavy backing tracks. But again, you end up singing along with her by the chorus. Another song that tugs at your heart-strings is ‘In Cold Blood’. It’s angsty for all the right reasons. ‘Lie’ is another intensely personal song that breaks your heart. All the anger and frustration at having to deal with a love that lies to you is embedded in ‘Lie’. The song strips you bear and says everything you wish you could say. Otep Shamaya’s writing style on Generation Doom is a thing of beauty as she can articulate the feelings and concepts most of us stumble over. In addition, her vocals range from the haunting to the guttural and it’s her vocal range that make the songs on Generation Doom an epic album. For me, the best part of the album is that it’s sing-along-able. In direct opposition to Otep’s last album Hydra, Generation Doom is a musical album. By that I mean that it’s less art and more music in a traditional sense. Each song is a bitchin’ collection of lyrics and metal arrangements. Generation Doom will please strict metal fans and longtime Otep fans alike.



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Audio: OTEP Streams New Single – Lords Of War

OTEP Generation Doom album cover 2016 ghostcultmag

OTEP has released a stream of their new single, the first from their forth coming new album Generation Doom. You can hear the track at this link:


April 15 marks the day that Otep releases Generation Doom, their seventh studio album on Napalm Records. The hard to categorize band is led by vocalist OtepShamaya ‘Lords of War’’ is an industrial spoken word metal track that sucks you in from first listen. The guitars are heavy and head banging-tastic while the bass and drum lay down massive riffage. Shamaya says this about the first single:

“Lords Of War is a cry of defiance against the ever-encroaching military industrial complex, against police brutality, against tyranny in politics, against CAFO’s, against the injustices our people face on a daily basis. Revolution is the opiate of the artist. We’d rather be in battle than at peace. We’d rather be a wolf than a sheep. They’ve had their chance to reign. But this is our time, our moment. We are Generation Doom.”

Generation Doom track listing:

1. Zero

2. Feeding Frenzy

3. Lords Of War

4. Royals (Lorde Cover)

5. In Cold Blood

6. Down

7. God Is A Gun

8. Equal Rights, Equal Lefts

9. No Color

10. Lie

11. Generation Doom

12. On The Shore

Pre-orders are live now at this link:


OTEP online

OTEP on Facebok

OTEP on Twitter

OTEP on Instagram

OTEP on Snapchat



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Terror Universal Introduce New Frontman Plague

terror universal plague-830x350

Terror Universal (Ill Nino, etc)have introduced their new frontman ‘Plague,’ who replaced Chad ‘Rott’ Armstrong, following allegations of sexual assault made against him by Otep vocalist Otep Shamaya.

The band posted a statement on the newest addition:

First and foremost, we are very excited to welcome our new singer “PLAGUE” to the TERROR UNIVERSAL family and introduce…

Posted by Terror Universal on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Terror Universal Frontman Issues Statement Against Claims Of Sexual Assault


Terror Universal frontman Chad “Rott” Armstrong posted a statement, defending himself against the recent allegations of sexual assault from Otep frontwoman Otep Shamaya.

I’m Chad Armstrong, singer from Terror Universal. Let me start by saying that I am here to set the record straight, once and for all, state the facts, and my side of the story.
These are facts; Otep has ZERO proof of these allegations, and accusations. There is NO police report. There’s NO video. She waited 30 days to announce her allegations on social media.
This is exactly how the incident happened. I was walking out of the club to go back to the hotel, as Otep was doing her meet and greet. She was standing on a table, and as walked by I tapped her on the leg, and said “good night Otep”.. That’s when she freaked out, yelling and screaming at me, and yelled at 2 security guards to “escort” me out. The security guards were just as confused as I was, we discussed what had just happened for a bit and I left.
Now let me ask you this; she claims I barreled through her hundreds of fans, and assaulted her? And the utterly false accusations about the two fingers, how does someone do that when a person is wearing pants? She claims I grabbed all of her band member’s genitals, to further distort the truth, which is absolutely false, and disgusting to even say….
Otep has a very strong social media presence, via Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr, instagram, etc… She knows her fan base, and she knew that by using keywords like “molester” and “rapist” she would incite a maniacal frenzy within her fan base, that would be directed towards me. How could I even try to defend myself in a social media war with Otep and her fans? Otep is a seasoned veteran at this sort of thing, and she has about half a million followers on facebook, intagram, twitter, etc…
I’ve received multiple threats of bodily harm and even death by Otep’s supporters. All of which were based on hearsay. Is this justice? No, this is more like a witch trial.
I have been subject to defamation of character and slander in the worst way. These are very serious accusations that I do not appreciate, and would never want my son or daughter to have to read on the internet one day. All I want to do is clear my name and go about my business. Thanks to all my friends & family throughout these terrible allegations.
Chad Armstrong“


Posted by Terror Universal on Saturday, March 28, 2015