OTEP Shares New Teaser Ahead of Australia Tour Dates Next Winter with Skindred

Artist and activist Otep Shamaya and her band OTEP have shared a new video teaser dubbed “The New Gods”. The band has just announced they will embark on a tour of Australia this February supporting Skindred across the continent for five shows. Tickets are on sale now. OTEP is still supporting 2018’s rebellious Kult 45 album, released via Napalm Records. Continue reading

Otep – Kult 45

It’s no surprise given the current political landscape of the world, that our artists, musicians, and other creators are going to be the greatest champions for the people. It’s clear that the systems we have propped ourselves up on for decades such as government, schools, the church, brutal corporations and other institutions have failed us terribly. So, of course, Otep Shamaya and OTEP come back now with a new album to basically put everyone sucking the love out of this world on blast. Hitting ’em where it hurts verbally and bringing the heavy, Kult 45 (Napalm) is just the antidote if you’ve lost your faith about the future. Continue reading

OTEP Drops Fiery New Lyric Video For “ To The Gallows”

Otep is dropping a new album this summer via Napalm Records, Kult 45, and it promised to be a big one based on the first single from the album. ‘To The Gallows’ has white-hot lead lyrics and their trademark heavy grooves, as Otep Shamaya shreds the Trump administration and political phonies as a whole. Watch the lyric video here. Continue reading

OTEP Sends a Call To Arms To Fans To Appear On Their Next Album

OTEP is currently finishing their new album, due for release later in 2018. In a post on social media, Otep Shamaya calls upon fans to share their voices to be on the album, in the wake of the current political climate. Otep has been a frequent observer of the political climate of the world and has been an especially vocal critic of the current policies of President Trump.  Detail below on how you can participate, refuse to be silent, and have your voice be heard. Continue reading

Otep Talks Trump’s America, Touring, And Surviving

For over fifteen years Otep Shamaya has fought a battle on many levels to shift paradigms in both society and the music industry. Leading her band OTEP, she has made a career of making protest music with her mix of spoken word, theater, metal, art, hip-hop and punk rock. Keith Chachkes of Ghost Cult met up with Otep at Webster Hall in New York City to chat about the current political climate in America, LGTBQ issues, making art, being a veteran band, touring and much more. Videography by Lisa Schuchmann. Continue reading