Nordjevel – Necrogenesis

Black metal has really come around for me in the past few years where I was essentially just bored of the genre. While many black metal bands are putting out some solid releases, Nordjevel have really hit the nail on the head with their latest, Necrogenesis (Osmose). This release is more than just thirty minutes of blast beats and some abrasive anti-Christian lyrics. This Norwegian outfit is all about progressing forward while holding onto their roots as well in a well-done harmony. Even the length of forty-seven minutes seems like a little much for a black metal record of the current era, but the welcome is certainly not overstayed.Continue reading

Mystifier Re-Releasing Goetia via Greyhaze Records

Mystifier Goetia Cover_WEB

Brazilian black metallers Mystifier will be reissuing their second full length album Goetia via Greyhaze Records. Originally released in 1993 by Osmose Productions, Greyhaze Records has restored and remastered this black metal milestone to ensure each venomous track permeates the listener’s senses to the fullest effect. In addition to the 10 tracks that appeared on the original release, the CD version of the Greyhaze reissue features three live bonus tracks. The album is available a six-panel digipak CD and double vinyl LP (black vinyl or red w/ black smoke vinyl). The vinyl version does not include the bonus live tracks.

Alesiter Crowley & Ordo Templi Orientis
An Elizabethan Devil Worshipper’s Prayer Book
The Sign of the Unholy Cross
Caerimonia Sanguilentu
The Realm of Antichristus
The True Story About Dr. Faust’s Pact with Mephistopheles
Cursed Excruciation
The Sinuous Serpent of Genesis
The Baphometic Goats of Knights Templar in the
Osculum Obscenum (Live)
Cursed Excruciation (Live)
The Sign of the Unholy Cross (Live)

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Marduk – Frontschwein


One of the longest serving and reliable bands in black metal, Marduk are a Swedish institution, a machine that just won’t quit. While they may rarely top the bill at festivals and even their most well acclaimed albums will get scant mention in any ‘best of’ list, their bloody single-mindedness and raging intensity has acted as a blueprint for the second wave of BM, and now an entire generation after they formed, still show no signs of slowing down. Thirteenth full-length release Frontschwein (Century Media) offers few surprises and takes no prisoners.

Named after the grunts of the armed forces during the two world wars who were first over the top and destined to die either in a hail of bullets or shamefully as a deserter, Frontschwein continues Marduk’s obsession with death and armed conflict, long ago discarding the cheesy supernatural themes of early releases. The opening title track begins proceedings in a firestorm of tremolo picking and light speed blasting all competing for attention with the grotesque croaks of frontman Mortuus. Next track ‘The Blond Beast’ employs a catchy, mid-paced riff with just a tinge of post-punk to horrify the purists before normal order is restored on the scorching ‘Afrika.’

The most obvious comparison to previous albums that springs to mind whilst listening to Frontschwein is 1999’s classic Panzer Division Marduk (Osmose), a record of similar aggressive and militaristic traits. Like that hateful half hour, Frontschwein is straightforward, exhilarating black metal utterly devoid of gimmicks, although the occasional change of pace such as on the eerie, marching riffs of ‘Wartheland’ and the mournful dirge of ‘Nebelwerfer’ ensures that proceedings don’t stagnate. However, it’s the raging triumphalism of the eight minute plus ‘Doomsday Elite’ that shows Marduk at the peak of their powers with Morgan’s searing guitar licks threatening to scorch all and sundry.

Just as we are constantly reminded that war is hell and must never be forgotten, Marduk’s veteran status demands respect and their continued quality output proves that they still have plenty more gas in the tank.


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