GUEST POST: Shiv Mehra of Deafheaven and Heaven’s Club: Top Albums of 2019

It’s time for another Ghost Cult “End Of Year” Guest post! We’ll be sharing lists, memories, and other shenanigans from our favorite bands, partners, music industry peers, and other folks we respect across the globe all month long! Today’s list comes from Shiv Mehra, guitarist of Deafheaven and Heaven’s Club. Check out the list!Continue reading

Deafheaven Shares New Song – “Black Brick”

Deafheaven is about to embark on their co-headlining tour with Baroness, continuing to support their excellent album Ordinary Corrupt Human Love (Anti-Records). They just dropped an incredible previously unreleased new single, “Black Brick”. The track is positively brutal, and Old-School Black and Death Metal sounding. Purchase and stream the track now! Continue reading

Deafheaven – Ordinary Corrupt Human Love

While no person is an island, entire of themselves, the principle should not be applied to Deafheaven. For while there are glorious, rich, organic threads that tie and bind each of their albums to the others, and each collection is clearly derived from the same creative womb, Ordinary Corrupt Human Love (ANTI-), the San Franciscan quintets’ fourth album, continues the premise that each occurrence is a happening in and of its own right, and that responses to one do not necessitate a similar response to another.Continue reading