Wintersun – The Forest Seasons

Certainly one of the most interesting spectacles of the 2017 release calendar; a new Wintersun album always comes with high expectation, if not just purely for the circus that seems to follow any recording/release cycle. If a long wait for previous album, the cult classic Time I (Nuclear Blast) wasn’t enough, another five-year wait also saw a highly ambitious and demanding (but ultimately successful) series of crowdfunding campaigns to release a follow-up. That the result is not the anticipated Time sequel, but a new unique piece may have been a blow to some fans, but Wintersun have never been ones to follow convention by any stretch; which is why it is surprising that The Forest Seasons (Nuclear Blast) sounds comparatively basic and safe.Continue reading

Dethklok – METALOCALYPSE: The Doomstar Requiem – A Klok Opera

klok doomstar req Dethklok is a show/band that you either hate or you love that has never been more apparent than with the release of The Doomstar Requiem – A Klok Opera (BS Records). Brendon Small’s rock opera is something that needs to be seen to be believed. I don’t say that because it is a masterpiece, but because the soundtrack falls flat without our favorite animated metal band’s shenanigans.

The Doomstar Requiemtakes everything great about Metalocalypse, its humor, metal, and kooky hijinks, and tries to turn them into a tale larger than life itself. In doing so, the musical misses the mark. The television show’s toilet humor doesn’t mix well with the sound of a fifty piece orchestra and feels as though it is trying entirely too hard at times. The storyline itself is also nothing to write home about. Time that could have been spent developing it further is instead devoted to elaborate musical numbers. This works out well for a few scenes, most notably the flashback detailing Toki’s guitar duel with Skwisgaar and his subsequent recruitment into the band.

Musically, the album leaves much to be desired. Dethklok is marketed as a metal band and this production is more of a taste of Broadway with some electric guitars thrown in. There are a few interesting riffs that I would have liked to see pan out but it is primarily filled with softer ballads. That’s not necessarily a bad thing in the right context, I was just expecting something decidedly more brutal than what was delivered.

Having the visuals to accompany the music definitely makes the soundtrack far more tolerable than it would be on its own. Listening to The Doomstar Requiem album sans animation is actually pretty boring unless you’ve seen it at least once. I wouldn’t bother with the soundtrack unless you have seen the special a few times and can’t live without it. That being said, the scene featuring the song ‘Partying Around the World’ should be a national treasure.

Stand Alone Soundtrack – 6.5/10

Musical Special – 7/10

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Aleida La Llave