Frank Mullen Announces His Retirement From Suffocation

Sad news this weekend as Frank Mullen has announced he has officially left Suffocation. Although he had already stepped down from full-time touring and nixed future full albums with the band he helped make death metal legends, he had occasionally toured with them. Mullen called this a more permanent, final move in his career. In a video posted to his fan page on Facebook, Mullen said he is done with activity with the long-running band to pursue acting and other projects in the future. Mullen’s final work with the band can be heard on 2017’s … Of The Dark Light album, which was released on Nuclear Blast. As of late, vocalist Ricky Meyers has been replacing Mullen on live performances. Frank will do one last tour with Suffocation later in 2018 before calling it a day.  Continue reading

Suffocation – …Of The Dark Light

Suffocation always has been in an odd spot when it comes to the Death Metal pecking order. They’re not quite in what most observers perceive the Big Four to be (Morbid Angel, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, maybe?), but have remained one of the most consistent acts operating within extreme music. And with eighth studio album, …Of The Dark Light (Nuclear Blast), the Long Islanders continue delivering foundation-cracking noise. Continue reading

Suffocation’s Derek Boyer Discusses The New Lineup, …Of The Dark Light, And More!

Suffocation will be releasing …Of The Dark Light on June 9th via Nuclear Blast, and we have an exclusive preview of the new record for you today. Before their recent set here in New York City, I got to sit down with bassist Derek Boyer to talk about the upcoming album, the new lineup, the Morbid Angel tour, and much more. Continue reading

Suffocation Releases Your Last Breaths Single

Earlier this week we learned that the legendary Suffocation will be releasing …Of The Dark Light on June 9th via Nuclear Blast. Here’s what Terrance Hobbs said on the upcoming record, “The moment we have been waiting for is here, our new album …Of The Dark Light will finally be released through Nuclear Blast on June 9, 2017! Over the last 4 year period SUFFOCATION has taken its time to write this record and we couldn’t be prouder. It is our most brutal record yet!

Are you ready to hear a new song? HELL YES YOU ARE! Continue reading