ALBUM REVIEW: Bonecarver – Carnage Funeral


Imagine being a child and your buddy informs you that an outfit known as Bonecarver has a new album titled Carnage Funeral on Unique Leader. What do you do with that information? That’s like the most metal collection of words ever assembled. Carnage Funeral? Bonecarver? What in the world is a Bonecarver and why does anyone need it? So many questions trying to keep up with a rushing imagination.

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The Top Ten Stories at Ghost Cult This Week

In a new feature here, we recap the biggest stories of the week here at Ghost Cult! We went to 12, because fuck it, it’s our list! This week we have new reviews from The Mars Volta, Behemoth, and The Devil Wears Prada, an interview with Mike of TDWP, new album news from In flames, concert reviews from Ghost and Oceano, Part 2 of our Bloodstock Festival 2022 coverage, the new plans for The Black Dahlia Murder, Allegeaon welcomes back a vocalist, a potential farewell show from an influential band, and the tragic loss of a member of the metal family.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Oceano – Entheos – Worm Shepherd – Assault On The Living – Beast Live at Empire Underground

After driving in what felt like a monsoon to Albany and enjoying the vegan delights of Wizard Burger by the venue, it was a thrill to witness a top-notch deathcore show and check out Empire Underground finally. The venue is literally hidden down what feels like a back entrance tunnel of a complex and we weren’t sure if we were about to be robbed. It adds to the charm because soon you find yourself in a secret bunker for metalheads that feels like it is out of Cloverfield Lane.

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The Walking Dead Orchestra – Resurrect

The Walking Dead Orchestra is the kind of name that aids in avoiding generalization. Solely based off that moniker I was expecting some half-assed Shock Rock posing as a love letter to Robert Kirkman’s highly overrated zombie soap opera. What did I get instead? In Resurrect (Unique Leader) I was greeted head-on by cage-rattling yet slick sounding Deathcore. Continue reading

Carnifex, The Faceless, Oceano, Sikth, John Frum And More Lead This Weekend’s Complexity Fest

Taking over The Netherlands this weekend, Complexity Fest brings together the best in deathcore, death metal, progressive and other kinds of extreme music under one roof kicks off tonight. Running at the venerable Patronaat hall in Haarlem, NL, Complexity Fest features Carnifex, The Faceless, Oceano, Sikth, John Frum, Aversions Crown, Dodecahedrone, Blanck Mass, Dodheimsgard, Vola, Three Trapped Tigers, and many more. Tickets are on sale now at the link below.Continue reading

Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus, Kamelot, Thy Art Is Murder, Life Of Agony, Nile, Soulfly & More Confirmed For 2018 New England Metal & Hardcore Festival

The New England Metal & Hardcore Festival will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year, and the initial lineup is already amazing. Continue reading

The 2017 Summer Slaughter Tour Lineup Includes The Black Dahlia Murder, Dying Fetus, And More!

After weeks of teasing us, the organizers have finally unveiled the lineup for this year’s Summer Slaughter Tour. Continue reading

Oceano – Revelation

I have to be honest from the start; I’m a keen listener to the Deathcore genre but I have only checked out one other Oceano record before this one. A much-maligned genre, Deathcore has, in recent years, seen bands challenged constantly to try and experiment with what has become a very rigid almost formulaic sub-genre of metal.Continue reading