Fit For An Autopsy Shares New Single -“Far From Heaven”

New Jersey extreme Metal band Fit for An Autopsy will release their new album, Oh What The Future Holds, on January 14th, 2022, via Nuclear Blast Records. The band has been teasing the album reveal on their socials and now have dropped the first single – “Far From Heaven” at all DSPs and Bandcamp. Pre-orders are also live at the links below. Jam out to the new song “Far From Heaven” now!
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Exodus Shares a New Single and Lyric Video – “Clickbait”

Thrash Metal originators Exodus has shared another new single and lyric video for “Clickbait! The track is the second song from the bands’ new album Persona Non Grata, due out in November in 2021 via Nuclear Blast Records! Watch they lyric video now!

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Exodus Shares New Single – “The Beatings Will Continue (Until Morale Improves)”

Thrash Metal originators Exodus has shared an explosive new single and album artwork for their next release! “The Beatings Will Continue (Until Morale Improves)”. This is the first track from the bands new album Persona Non Grata, due out later in 2021 via Nuclear Blast Records, with details to follow soon. The band is performing at Psycho Las Vegas this Sunday, August 22nd, 2021. Listen to the track now!

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ALBUM REVIEW: Nightwish – Once (Remastered)

Released an improbable seventeen years ago, Once (Nuclear Blast), the fifth album from symphonic metal pioneers Nightwish saw the band catapulted from relative obscurity and into the eyes and ears of a much wider audience. With lead single ‘Nemo’ being given regular airplay on radio and music television channels, everything seemed to be falling into place for the Finnish act.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Light The Torch – You Will Be The Death Of Me

Arising from Los Angeles, California, Melodic Metalcore trio Light The Torch prove just how fitting their name is with their sophomore album, You Will Be The Death Of Me (Nuclear Blast Records). Each metallic anthem sets the stage as if the band had just lit their torches and sharpened their pitchforks in preparation for taking on their greatest demons.Continue reading

Carcass Shares New Single – “Kelly’s Meat Emporium” – New Album Incoming

Carcass is back with a new album! Torn Arteries will arrive on September 17th via their longtime label Nuclear Blast! The band also dropped a brilliant new song: “Kelly’s Meat Emporium!” You can check it out now, along with the new artwork for the album and the pre-save for streaming!

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ALBUM REVIEW: Fear Factory – Aggression Continuum

It’s been well documented that the road to Aggression Continuum (Nuclear Blast Records), the latest album from Californian cyber-metallers Fear Factory, has been strewn with obstacles, challenges, and all manner of highly publicised internal disputes. Since its recording, the band has endured a lengthy legal battle which concluded with the departure of vocalist Burton C Bell, and saw guitarist, songwriter, and current studio bassist Dino Cazares winning the rights to the Fear Factory name via auction.

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Nuclear Blast Dumps Rings of Saturn From the Label

Technical Death Metal band Rings of Saturn, often a lightning rod of controversy in their careers, has been unceremoniously dropped by Nuclear Blast Records. In a surprising move, the label released a press release calling out the band and its leader, Lucas Mann, for threatening “to issue public statements “condemning Nuclear Blast in the strongest terms possible” if the label does not give in to his baseless demands.” This is highly irregular as even the most acrimonious relationships at metal labels are often resolved quietly. You can read the label’s full statement below.


Nuclear Blast Drops Rings Of Saturn

Nuclear Blast has a long-standing history of supporting its artists, treating them with the utmost respect and integrity. This included Lucas Mann and RINGS OF SATURN. Nuclear Blast is proud to provide this support and strives to make all its artists feel comfortable that they have a transparent, honest relationship with their label.

Sadly, Lucas Mann on behalf of RINGS OF SATURN has brazenly threatened to issue public statements “condemning Nuclear Blast in the strongest terms possible” if the label does not give in to his baseless demands. While Nuclear Blast is truly shocked and saddened by Lucas Mann’s actions, Nuclear Blast also does not tolerate threats. Accordingly, RINGS OF SATURN have been dropped from the label.


Wednesday 13 to Release “Necrophaze – Antidote” EP This Week

Wednesday 13 will release a new EP this week, April 16th, 2021, Necrophaze – Antidote via Nuclear Blast. The EP contains two new songs and two covers from the shock rocker/industrial metaller including “Devil Inside” by INXS and “Films” by Gary Numan featuring Calico Cooper of Beasto Blanco/Alice Cooper. Necrophaze – Antidote was produced by Devildriver guitarist Mike Sprietzer. Wednesday 13 was inspired by a craving for variety to create dual album artwork for this release. The covers showcase either end of the horror spectrum with a “Creepshow” comic book vibe for the LP artwork, and the eeriness of something akin to John Carpenter’s The Fog adorning the CD.

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UPDATED: Rob Zombie Shares New Single and Video – “The Eternal Struggles Of The Howling Man”


Horror-loving rock legend Rob Zombie has released a new single “The Eternal Struggles Of The Howling Man” from his forthcoming new album, his seventh and first for Nuclear Blast Records, The Lunar Injection Kool-Aid Eclipse Conspiracy. Due on March 12th, the new album marks his first new album in nearly five years. Order the new single and pre-order the album below. Listen to the track right now!

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