Waldgeflüster – Mondscheinsonaten

Black Metal has always showed both a fascination and an intrinsic link with forest and woodland scenery, perhaps more so than the alternate subject matters it is often notable for. From band shots set amongst wooded areas in frigid winter to a deeper core love, worship or interest in such that manifests in the music itself; as seen with plentiful European acts and with American counterparts such as Panopticon and Twilight Fauna. Continue reading

Vaiya – Remnant Light

The two most overused words in the Black Metal lexicon: “cold” and “atmospheric”, but it is these two words that rather fittingly describe Vaiya‘s Remnant Light (Nordvis/Bindrune), a 2017 re-release of a three-year-old album self-produced by Vaiya mastermind Rob Allen. And if you didn’t know that Vaiya is a one-man project from the decidedly un-cold and un-atmospheric Melbourne, Australia, you would be forgiven for thinking this album was born in some Scandinavian forest. Continue reading