Mourning Sign – Contra Mundum

In a sense, Mourning Sign has already achieved more than most bands ever do. After all, in the wake of 24 years in the business, this Swedish ‘gloomy progressive Death Metal band’ must be doing something right to have carried on so long, right? Continue reading

Twitching Tongues – Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred

The best way to describe Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred (MetalBlade), is that Twitching Tongues wants to try on lots of new hats. Songs will switch back and forth between crunchy Hardcore, speedy Thrash and straight up balladry, while the lyrics vary from personal loss (‘Forgive and Remember’) to political strife (‘T.F.R.’). And that’s not to say that this multi-pronged approach can’t work or there aren’t memorable moments to be had here. It’s all a matter of consistency. Continue reading

Unsane – Sterilize

For a band and musical landmark that is rapidly approaching its 30th anniversary, New York City’s Unsane remain steadfast to their noise/metal vision. Outside of improved yet not overwhelming production and mix, Sterilize (Southern Lord) is vintage Unsane with its jagged guitars to the blood-spattered album art. It may all seem foreign to younger heavy metal converts, but to those in the know it’s a lovely revisit to the musical wild west that were the 1990s. Continue reading

Suicide Silence- Suicide Silence


Since the release of ‘Doris’, the first single taken from their brand new self-titled album (Nuclear Blast), things have, to say the least, been turbulent in the world of Suicide Silence. Shifting sounds can often ruffle fan’s feathers, whether such a change proves successful or not; take recent Opeth releases as just one example.

Continue reading