ALBUM REVIEW: Elder – Omens

Did you daydream as a kid? Just stare off into nothing and let your imagination run wild? I did. A lot of my early childhood was spent amazed at what my mind could cook up with if I had a lack of books or toys, and before my soul was captured by music. Laying on my back in the grass, seeing shapes in the clouds or constellations at night, that was pure happiness as a kid. I never really stopped chasing that vibe as an adult, because I still drift off and let my brainwaves go crazy. Expect nowadays my field is my headphones and a turntable, and the clouds my mind is chasing down are inside of my eyelids, and not the sky. If you are looking for the ultimate “drop out, tune in, and turn on” soundtrack for 2020, it is definitely going to be Elder’s new opus, Omens (Armageddon Shop/Stickman Records).Continue reading

Elder – Reflections Of A Floating World


Perhaps no sub-genre of heavy music had as big a year a doom. That is not a statement one makes lightly with all the incredible releases and new bands popping up all the time. Like a great cheese, doom is best with age, proper flavor-mixing, and the right cultures. The maturity of both bands and the scene itself has birthed a great era of new music in 2017. One of the hotbeds for the doom scene in America is New England, where the bitter winters and a deep connection to nature have seen a lot of bands reach for greatness. Elder, from Massachusetts, is one of those bands, and their new album Reflections Of A Floating World (Stickman Records) is a testament to this. Continue reading