Watch Tool Perform Two New Songs At Welcome To Rockville

Tool’s return to the stage was chock full of surprises as they closed the weekend at Welcome To Rockville. First the band performed their previously played live song ‘Descending’, now with vocals on it. Then they performed a completely brand new song, seen on the set list as ‘Invincible’. Although audio of the new song is from fan-filmed sources at this point, it sounds really promising. Chances are we will get an official release for the tracks soon since the band has rarely done this ever. Check it out now! Stay tuned to Ghost Cult for our review of the entire festival, with photos. Continue reading

Tool is Mastering Their New Album Right Now

Thanks to the miracle of social media we now have more news about the upcoming Tool record. The band posted a photo of themselves (Adam Jones, Danny Carey, and Justin Chancellor) along with their Producer Evil Joe Baresi mixing and mastering legend Bob Ludwig, whose studio is in Maine. We have been tracking the progress of the new to record for some time, and we will bring you more news as it breaks.

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Maynard James Keenan Casts Doubt On New Tool Album Coming This April

By answering a tweet last night, Maynard James Keenan has quelled some of the excitement from last week when Danny Carey apparently revealed the release of the new Tool album was to be this April of May. Responding to a fan question about the album and if it was indeed coming this April, Keenan replied “No”. He has yet to respond to other posts in the thread. This was on the heels of Danny Carey sharing that the album would ‘likely” release in April or May, followed by the band uploading new visualizers o their official website. Of course, Tool are master manipulators of the media (mea culpa) and notorious funsters who love prodding their eager fanbase with mind games, practical jokes, and fake outs. They have done this since the beginning of their career. We’ll keep following this story as it develops. Continue reading

Watch A Vocal Coach Critique Maynard James Keenan Performing “Sober” with Tool

The hype train for a potential new Tool album is just pulling out of the station. As one of the most popular and enigmatic bands of modern history, new music from the band will be appreciated, but also expect it to be analyzed and picked over by the trolls denizens of the interwebs. Speaking analyzing music, we were so impressed by vocal teacher and YouTuber Beth Roars’ reaction video featuring Devin Townsend, that we subscribed to her channel! She doesn’t strictly cover rock or metal, but when she does, she picks the best of the best. Watch this video where she reacts to Tool singer Maynard James Keenan performing ‘Sober’ at Redding Festival in 1993. Continue reading

Danny Carey Leaks the Release Month of the New Tool Album

Tool drummer Danny Carey is at The NAMM Show this weekend promoting his gear endorsements. As broken by submission to Tool fan source, Carey told a fan the new tool album is coming out in mid-April, adding “that’s the plan anyway”. Additionally, several confidants of the band posted that they were at a private listening party in Hollywood Friday night and heard the new tool album in one sitting as a preview for friends (see posts below). Granted this is not any kind of official announcement, but definitely encouraging for those waiting for some new Tool songs. Most Tool albums have been released around springtime and the band has festival appearances booked for the spring, followed by a full European tour this summer. Tool’s latest album 10,000 Days (Tool Dissectional/Volcano) was released almost 13 years ago, May 2nd, 2006. Continue reading

Adam Jones Offers An Update On The New Tool Album

Tool has been a little more quiet of late as of the progress of their new album, as they were earlier in the year when they were posting regular updates weekly. Adam Jones posted a video from the studio with producer Evil Joe Baressi, as well as some other social media posts updating the fans with some progress, indicating that the new record work is ongoing. The band shared four minutes of a new track during their Tool Music Clinics this past spring. Continue reading

Maynard James Keenan Gives Update On New Tool Album

In a brief acceptance speech for winning the Icon Award at last night’s Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards, Maynard James Keenan of Tool gave a brief update on the status of the new album progress from his main band. Keenan said the album will be out in 2019 to the packed audience from the Indigo at O2. You can watch the clip below.Continue reading