ALBUM REVIEW: Comeback Kid – Heavy Steps

Twenty-plus years into a career doing anything in the world might make you take your foot off the gas pedal, especially an industry as brutal as the music industry. However, Manitoba’s Comeback Kid continue to challenge themselves to keep refining their sound, and sharpening their focus over a series of releases. The bands’ new album Heavy Steps (Nuclear Blast/New Damage) shows the veteran band of the scene lifting up the rest of us up with defiant music set on highlighting what makes life worth fighting for. uniting us.

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Hundred Suns – The Prestaliis

Since 2013, these driven musicians have been determined to create something genuinely different, something that can stand out amongst every other “competing” track you might come across in the music industry and Hundred SunsThe Prestaliis (New Damage) has undeniable potential. The brand new three-piece consists of warmly familiar faces from bands Norma Jean, Dead and Divine and Every Time I Die. You’ve got Cory Brandan on vocals, Chris LeMasters on guitar and Ryan Leger on the drums – a concoction of highly skilled musicians. Continue reading