ALBUM REVIEW: Locean – Chav Anglais

You can call it Punk; you can call it Noise; you can, if you will call it Beat poetry. One thing that Manchester UK experimentalists Locean do produce is a thrilling, vibrant energy and Chav Anglais (Artificial Head Records), the band’s first full-length album, is full of such attitude: from crashing strings and rhythms to sparse, protesting, dominant sexuality. Continue reading

Terminal Cheesecake- Cheese Brain Fondue: Live From Marseille


Formed in 1988, England’s Terminal Cheesecake were a much underrated entity, at least it would seem from their relatively unknown status during their years of inactivity and from the quiet nature of their return in 2013. Their sound was a dissonant combination of psychedelic and almost stoner rock with dub and electronica elements which together are both hypnotic and catchy. Now with a new vocalist in Neil Francis in tow, the first release of the reunited rabble sees the light of day.

Perhaps in a calculated move to showcase both their previous catalogue and their live prowess to a whole new audience, TC Mk II begins with a live album which shows the band in the live arena but with some subtleties. On Cheese Brain Fondue: Live In Marseille (Artificial Head) audience interaction is kept to a minimum, and the crowd themselves are very low in the mix bar the occasional signs of applause. Instead, this feels more like a raw best of, or even a live studio recording, and it does the job with aplomb.

Opening with the gradually building, intro tape like ‘Fake Loop’ with its easing, eerie atmosphere, it builds up anticipation before the more primal live recording of ‘Bladdersac’ explodes. Francis’ vocals shift between spitting venom and a lighter drawl as musically it also veers between the pacier and the drifting. The low, fuzzy tones of the guitars make for a mesmerising haze, as the basslines and drums prove crystal clear and formidable.

For all intents and purposes Terminal Cheesecake were a band that seem to fall under the radar for many, but as evidenced on this live effort were a band that had a dreamlike quality as well as the force and power of a steamroller all in one. In a landscape full of cash grabbing reunions this one may not make headlines, but as evidenced on here, should provide some magic.