Dethfox – Natural Media Teleforce


There are many EP’s floating around out there in music world which just doesn’t achieve their purpose. The purpose will always be to introduce you to a band’s makeup and style in a short and snappy style, and with Natural Media Teleforce (Chaos Rural), Dethfox have at least got the memo. Short and snappy is absolutely the name of the game here, we’ve got five tracks clocking in at just over eight minutes long. It blitzes by so quickly, you’ll find yourself listening to it three or four times before you’ve really been able to grasp what Dethfox is all about.

Musically the band flies through with a gritty punk edge. The poor production on the album adds to the rough feel, and genuinely shows a level of promise. Word on the street is the band are heading towards releasing their first full length album later on in the year, so this serves excellently as a punchy preview. Vocally we begin to move away from the roughness being a positive, as it is an area which can almost certainly be worked on, sounding like someone doing an impression of Lemmy.

But again, it is an EP, an EP from a band who are clearly still finding their way with their sound. When the full album releases later in the year it is definitely one to check out, as Natural Media Teleforce does at least show a degree of promise.


Dethfox don’t “do” Facebook, but you can find them (and a stream of the EP) on the Dethfox website