EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Gabriel And The Apocalypse – “Electro-Mechanical”

Ghost Cult has teamed up with modern Industrial Metal band Gabriel And The Apocalypse today to share the debut of their new music video, ‘Electro-Mechanical’! The track comes off of their recent album, Alpha Bionic, now streaming on major DSPs. The video is a tripped out sensory overload showing off the fun and kinky side of the band! The band impressed us tremendously when we saw them live, with their blend of swinging beats, heavy riffs, slinky synths, and melodic vocals. They are also great live! Watch the video for ‘Electro-Mechanical’ now! Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Ghostatic – “Catastrophic Love”

Cleveland electro-industrial rock artist Ghostatic has followed up his last single ‘Violence’ with a new single and video ‘Catastrophic Love’! The video is fraught with drama and feeling, complimenting the track. Watch the clip right now!

Quote from Adamo Fiscella:

“The Catastrophic Love video was actually shot at two locations: an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere in the mideast part of Ohio. My friend and videographer, Jeff, had showed it to me for my paranormal/urbex channel on YouTube(conveniently called Ghostatic) and an old victorian house in Dover, OH. The storyline was something thaas organically birthed by the song’s lyrics, but taken to the next level. It’s an extreme case of toxicity in a relationship that gets our of control. I directed it, alongside Jeff Hartman of Bitmod Studios(IG-@bitmod), featuring Jenny Lynn(IG-@fallenangel_7). They are very talented and great to work with. I also did all the post production work. It was a pain, but I had a vision in my head that I wanted to bring to life.”

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Blind Channel – “Died Enough For You”

Hailing from the Rock and Metal capital of the world, Finland, Blind Channel brings their self-described “Violent Pop” music to your speakers with big riffs, big hooks and a ton of energy. Violent Pop is also the name of their new album, out now, which you can get from the band at the links below. Having completed European tours with Hollywood Undead, Simple Plan and All That Remains they made huge strides with their first two albums, with the second nabbing them an Emma Award (the equivalent of a Finnish Grammy) nomination for Rock Album of the Year. Their new music video “Died Enough For You” is out now and you can watch here at Ghost Cult!Continue reading