ALBUM REVIEW: The Used – Toxic Positivity


From the album title alone, it is evident that The Used are just as sincere in their art as they’ve always been over the last two decades. Nine albums deep into their career, the emo quartet have graced us with the blunt Toxic Positivity (Hassle Records). The record calls out the detrimental mindset of suppressing negative emotions, addressing how it worsens one’s mental health over time due to ignored bottled-up feelings.

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Crosses (Deftones, Far) Shares a Remix of “Day One (Machinedrum Remix)”


Crosses a.k.a. ††† the duo made up of Deftones’ Chino Moreno and producer/multi-instrumentalist Shaun Lopez has shared a new remix of their track “Day One (Machinedrum remix).” You can stream the track on all DSPs and watch an official visualizer below. This is the first new music from the band since their cover of George Michael’s “One More Try” for their annual Christmas covers series. The group released their new EP, Permanent.Radiant (read our review here). Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: The Amity Affliction – Not Without My Ghosts


When any kind of metal band promotes their new material as “the heaviest music they’ve ever made”, it’s usually met with eye rolls from fans who have heard this very promise time and time again from their favorite groups who failed to deliver. Hearing this from The Amity Affliction, a group that has always stood on the lighter side of metalcore, I was one of the skeptical ones. Ever since the Australian quartet released their instant classic Let The Ocean Take Me in 2014, each album following has paled in comparison.

Until now.

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ALBUM REVIEW: As Everything Unfolds – Ultraviolet


Breaking through the UK with their enchanting blend of alternative rock and metal, British quintet As Everything Unfolds continue developing their recipe for success with their sophomore album, Ultraviolet (Long Branch Records). The record’s name is inspired by a metaphor for gaining new perspectives on life and is an astoundingly fitting descriptor for the aural experience achieved by each track’s dynamic arrangements.

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EP REVIEW: Atreyu – The Hope Of A Spark


Having approached their twentieth year of being a staple in the metalcore scene, the prodigies of Atreyu still haven’t lost their spark (no pun intended) with the new EP The Hope Of A Spark (Spinefarm Records). Drawing from the commonalities of the quintet’s personal lives, each song is truly a shared effort among the five of them – not only musically, but conceptually.

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ALBUM REVIEW: The Nightmares – Séance


Hailing from Newport, Wales, noir pop and alternative rock quartet The Nightmares reveal their bleak yet breezy souls with their debut album, Séance, via Venn and Equal Vision Records. The record’s themes of death were inspired by the COVID pandemic putting a hold on the band’s touring plans, leading to experiments with seances during the writing process. As one could imagine, the mental and spiritual outcomes of this paid a great contribution to the music’s morbid concepts and haunting execution.

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ALBUM REVIEW: August Burns Red – Death Below


For a band that hasn’t changed their sound much over the course of almost twenty years, Pennsylvania quintet August Burns Red miraculously continues to stay not only relevant but one of the most widely respected acts in modern metal.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Tom Osman vs Existent / Nonexistent – Industrial State of Mind


Tom Osman in case you weren’t aware is a writing colleague over here at Ghost Cult and looking at the albums he’s reviewed previously, I can see he has a tendency towards for the most part the more esoteric and avant-garde as evidenced by names such as REZN, Fågelle, Soothsayer Orchestra, Holy Fawn and Black Magnet. Prior to Industrial State of Mind (Drama Recorder), Tom had recorded and released the so much for all in a day’s work album in the early part of 2022.

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ALBUM REVIEW: For The Fallen Dreams – For The Fallen Dreams


A great deal of today’s biggest metalcore fans consider the 2000s to the 2010s the golden years of the genre. Bands such as Michigan-based For The Fallen Dreams who have continued on since the MySpace era help to maintain the style’s raw spirit with their ever-evolving nu-metal twists – and their new self-titled album (Arising Empire) is no exception.

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