Southwest Terror Fest V Starts Tonight in Tuscon with Saint Vitus, SUMAC, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Pig Destroyer


For the fifth year in a row, the best underground metalfest west of Maryland Deathfest is the Southwest Terror Fest.No other festival brings you the quality of bands from across the heavy spectrum, and Tuscon is just a cool town to host this shindig! Starting tonight October 20th through the 23rd, nearly four-dozen artists from across the US and Canada converging on five stages at multiple venues will wreck brains and eardrums. Full details, with shows and daily lineups are below’Continue reading

Mountain Man – Rumination


Mountain Manfrom Worcester Massachusetts are described as Hardcore/Punk on their Facebook page. You may hear influence from both genres, but I feel such a simple description undersells Rumination in such a way it‘s depriving you of peaking your interest in listening to their new sophomore effort released from End Result Productions. There is much more of a raw emotion that can’t be summed up in describing it as Hardcore/Punk. Rumination is also far from being just a one trick pony. It can be uplifting, the next moment in your face, then very relaxing. All while having this strong atmosphere that grabs a hold.

The first track, ‘Kingdom Came‘, starts off definitely sounding of Hardcore influence. As it goes on it continues to slow down into more of a Post-Rock feel. A very smooth transition into a steady beat with the occasional guitar strum. With the last couple minutes it builds back up and ascends into a rather uplifting climax. The second track , ‘Dust Can’t Kill Me‘, is a steady bass drum with brooding hums in the background. Shortly after a minute is when hell breaks loose. A vicious and constant pounding like blows to the head. This is where to me Mountain Man sounded the most Hardcore. The third track I thoroughly enjoyed myself, ‘Why Oh Why‘. A dreary sounding song with a violin being the most prominent instrument. The entire track having news reports playing in the background, one for instance about police using force against protestors.

Overall Rumination has a very impressive flow and transition. It keeps a hold of your ears and never seems to let go. I would say my only real complaint about Rumination would be a sin many bands in my opinion are committing lately. Rumination comes in just shy of twenty nine minutes, and this is in fact an LP. As fantastic as the album is it mostly leaves you with a hunger for more. I expect this to be one of the more unknown and overlooked albums this year. I hope I am wrong in that assumption as this is definitely worthy of more.