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Mortiis Announces New Album, Shares New Video, and Books US Tour


Dungeon Synth innovator Mortiis is set to release a new album Spirit Of Rebellion – a re-interpreted expansion and continuation of the 1994 “Era I” classic Ånden som Gjorde Opprør. Spirit Of Rebellion will be released on CD, vinyl and digital format. Physical pre-orders will be available from Dead Seed Productions. Check out the video for the first single ‘Visions of an Ancient Future’! Continue reading

Northeast Dungeon Siege MMXIX – Live at The Raven

As the last weekend of March rolled around and people got ready to make piss-poor April Fool’s jokes, the Northeast Dungeon Siege MMXIX music and gaming fest happened at The Raven; a club located in one of the sketchiest parts of Worcester, MA. Centering around the headliner and arguably the artist most commonly associated with the term “Dungeon Synth,” Mortiis, the fest combined three nights of synth artists from around the globe, multiple merchants selling everything from board games to jewelry and fake dreadlocks, and two days of gaming. For those interested in synth music, metal, the occult, gaming, elves, goblins, hobbits, King Richards Faire, cosplay and excessive use of fog machines in small spaces, this is likely where they spent their weekend.Continue reading

Mortiis To Kickoff US Headline Tour Tonight, New Video Streaming

A legend across several music genres, Mortiis kicks off his headline tour of North America tonight! North American tour starts this week! A leading force and founder of the dungeon synth sub-genre is embarking on a 10-date trek from Thursday, March 28th to Sunday April 7th 2019, including a stop headlining the Northeast Dungeon Siege Fest. Mortiis is celebrating twenty years of this current arc of his career (Era 1) which he explains below. He has also launched a new video for the song ‘Visions of an Ancient Future’ which is taken from his forthcoming album ‘Spirit Of Rebellion’. The video was directed and produced by Finnish filmmaker Ari Savonen who is known for his work for ‘Takapihan Pojat: Joulutarina’ (2011), ‘Törkypukki vol. 2’ (2016) and ‘Backwood Madness’ (2019). Continue reading

Emperor’s In The Nightside Eclipse Turns 25

Truth is stranger than fiction when it comes to the entire Norwegian Black Metal scene, its founding epoch, and its legacy. A lot of text has been written about how terrible certain characters in the scene were. Every band at the time seemed to revel in being befouled by the stain of their actions. Emperor is no different and was a vital part of that scene. Having made amends to whatever level they can mea culpa their mistakes as kids, their names no less ruined than their peers. Musically, however, they have few equals in terms of what they put down. Their full-length debut album In The Nightside Eclipse (Candlelight Records) is still one of the gold-standard Black Metal albums ever made, and worthy of deep analysis on the silver- anniversary of its release. Continue reading

PIG, Mortiis, Seraph Sin: Live At The Ruby Lounge, Manchester

First up were Glasgow based Seraph Sin who it must be said were bloody good. A slightly hesitant start but they very quickly broke into their stride. The crowd this evening were kind of small but they didn’t half bounce. Seraphs Sin’s sound is weighted a little bit more towards the metal side than industrial and the mix works well, with a gritty guitar sound and some meaty thrash riffs in the mix they were greeted with a good crowd response. Continue reading

Mortiis Books US With Mushroomhead, New Album Coming

Mortiis band 2015

Norwegian avant-garde industrial artist Mortiis will make his long-awaited return to US shores this fall, joining Mushroomhead on the “The Devils Be Damned Tour” this October. The shows will be the first for the artist known for his early association with Emperor, and his namesake band in almost a decade. This will lead up to a new Mortiis album, The Great Deceiver.


Mortiis himself commented on the tour and the forthcoming new album:

The idea of going back on the road fills me with a weird sense of excitement and dread…” “The Great Deceiver is not far away – at long last – and we´re getting back out there, brushing off the dust and rust, to get ready for that, and whatever lies beyond.”

“It´s been one hell of a steep climb to where we´re at right now… and knowing me, I´ll step right off of that ledge, and plunge head first into the abyss.”


Mushroomhead and Mortiis tour admat fall 2015

Mortiis tour dates with Mushroomhead:

Oct 3: Greencastle Picnic Grounds- Greencastle, PA

Oct 4: Ziggy’s- Winston-Salem, NC

Oct 5: Ziggy’s- Wilmington, NC

Oct 6: Dixie Mon. Roadhouse- Cape Coral, FL

Oct 7: Freebird Live- Jacksonville, FL

Oct 9: Venue 578- Orlando, FL

Oct 10: The Culture Room- Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Oct 11: Club LA- Destin, FL

Oct 14: The Rail Club- Ft. Worth,TX

Oct 15: Dirty Dog Bar- Austin, TX

Oct 16: Jake’s Backroom- Lubbock, TX

Oct 17: Venue 3405- Joplin, MO

Oct 19: The Granada- Lawrence, KS

Oct 20: POVS- Spring Lake Park, MN

Oct 21: Limelight- Peoria, IL

Oct 22: Austin’s- Libertyville, IL

Oct 23: Headliner’s- Toledo, OH

Oct 24: Harpo’s Concert Theatre- Detroit, MI

Oct 25: Diamond Pub & Billiards- Louisville, KY

Oct 26: Oddbody’s Music Room- Dayton, OH

Oct 27: The Tree- Joliet, IL

Oct 29: The Intersection- Grand Rapids, MI

Oct 30: Alrosa Villa- Columbus, OH

Oct 31: Agora Ballroom- Cleveland, OH

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Origins of the Devil(ment): Part 1 – Daniel Finch of Devilment

East Anglian Gothic Groovecore Metallers Devilment have just released their debut album The Great & Secret Show on Nuclear Blast. Before heading out on their maiden touring voyage around Europe, in part 1 of a 2 part feature, guitarist Daniel Finch caught Ghost Cult up on the band’s back story.


The story of Devilment is the story of a guy from a whole other band. It is the story of a guy who sang about vampires. It is the story of a guy called Dani. No, not that one, though we’ll get to him later. The story of Devilment is the story of one Daniel Finch, former guitarist and vocalist of cult Goth Metal band 13 Candles, who, perhaps to avoid too much confusion has reverted to his full name of Daniel. Two Dani’s in the same establishment, and it not being a hair and booty salon in Essex, would have been too much… even if the band is from Suffolk (or Suffuck as the latest range of merchandise announces), which borders TOWIE-land.

It is a story that covers apathy, heartbreak, years in the wilderness and a serendipitous return to the cradle of youthful ambitions before finally finding the devil that was ment (sic) to fulfil the musical destiny of our humble protagonist. “It was 1998 and it was not long after 13 Candles second album. It was just a weird time, musically, then” begins the gregarious and verbose guitarist, referring to the last time our paths crossed and also to the period that saw all but the kvlt-est of labels follow Roadrunner’s suit after the US giants ditched all their non-“trendy” bands (sellers or not), the game played out by the major labels five years previously when grunge turned the rock world on its head repeated in the underground.

Death Metal was dead, Black Metal dying, Grind extinct, Goth/ic metal was the millipede that had lost 998 legs and the innovation and fertile creativity of 90’s underground metal had exhausted itself. It was a scene where labels like Earache had been left bereft of all their Death Metal talent following an exodus that Moses would have been proud of leading, and sought to fill the void with the pop-punk of Janus Stark, the nu-metal of Pulkas, the gabbacore of Beserker and, um Mortiis. “It’s the same old story, I guess. Record labels were interested, but nobody wanted to actually go out and sign Candles after we’d been dropped from Cacophonous, and after a while people (in the band) wanted to do other things. So, it got to the point where it was ‘Is there rehearsal next week?’ ‘No, can’t be bothered’, and, do you know what? We just didn’t rehearse again.”


Fast-forward an ominous 13 (!) years, through a pile-up of failed bands, blow-outs and a relocation, to one serendipitous evening… “The first time I’d met Dan (Dani Filth) was at an At The Gates gig, around ’95. And he’s there, sitting in a chair, but right at the front of the stage, his wife stood next to him, and I’ve thought ‘Who the fuck is that tosser?!’ And then I realised, ‘Ah, it’s that guy from Cradle of Filth’, so I went up and was all ‘I like your band’ and he just fucking ignored me!

Quite a few of the other Cradle guys were there, and my mate, randomly, had this pair of plastic vampire teeth, so he ran up to the Cradle guys going ‘Look at me! I’m a vampire!’ They weren’t happy and it almost turned into a big bar brawl! Then a couple of years later I bumped into Dani again at a festival and said hello, and he just walked past me, and I thought ‘Wanker’ (laughs).”

It seems fate, dark forces, or just pure bad luck on Mr Filth’s part, had decreed that at some point the two Dani’s would unite to take on the universe with their heavy metal. They say good things come to those who wait, and while it’s probably rare for Daniel Finch to be called virtuous, his patience paid off. These stars were meant to align. “I bought the first Cradle album twenty years ago, and I auditioned for them way back then, around the second album. Well… I didn’t actually get to audition, I sent a demo tape in, but nothing ever came back. I bet Dan’s still got it in his loft!”

Devilment - The Great And Secret Show - Artwork

But providence was to intervene and give Finch the opportunity to take a step forward in his music career and had that particular circle completed by having Dani Filth ask to join his band. “It was 2011 when Devilment became a band” orates the be-dreaded East Anglian, before revealing the twisted nails of faith and fate that brought the two leading men together. “I was just about to get married and I had a massive, massive argument with my wife about the wedding, as you do. So, my best man took me out for a drink. I was there, all ‘I don’t want to get married’, as you do, and Dan walked in.

“So I went up, said I used to be in 13 Candles, but he wasn’t interested, just blanked me and walked off. But later on he came up, bought a beer, and we got chatting. From that, we started hanging out and I mentioned I was doing this new band and asked if he knew anyone that was a good singer, but I wasn’t sure what type of vocals I was looking for.

“He said to send him over the stuff and he got back and said he wouldn’t mind giving it a go, so I thought ‘Alright then…’ Then, next thing, he was in the studio demoing on the stuff I’d done, and I remember thinking ‘We’ve got something, here!’

“Next thing, Nuclear Blast are putting the album out!”

There will be many who begrudge the success of the band and assign a large proportion of it to the status within the scene of their frontman. While Devilment is clearly more than something for Dani to do when he’s not doing Cradle of Filth, the scepticism of the general punters, be they Cradle fans or not, seems to be a prevailing cloud on the horizon. As is always the way for bands that are even slightly successful, rather than being pleased people pour forth their negativity and look for ways to criticise. “Look, we are lucky, we have got Dan in the band and it definitely helps; how many local bands do you see that are awesome that don’t get this opportunity? But you don’t get signed (to Nuclear Blast) without having good music” reasons Finch.

However, having Dani, who is a rather divisive figure in the UK metal community and beyond, a person who people love to hate, in the band, there are cons to go with the pros… “I guess it’s always going to be a thing, because Dan is marmite. People love him, or they fucking hate him. But then, I saw a review where the guy was saying ‘I hate Dani Filth, and I hate Cradle of Filth, and I always have, but this I like’.”

The good news for Messrs Finch and Filth is that it appears to be that there are many more people than the vocal minority out there, plenty of whom are looking for a little Devilment in their lives…

Part 2 of our feature on Devilment follows soon

The Great & Secret Show is out now via Nuclear Blast

Devilment on Facebook