ALBUM REVIEW: Necrot – Mortal – Tankcrimes

What’s the best strategy when it comes time to record a follow-up to a critically acclaimed album like 2017’s Blood Offerings? Well, for Necrot it seems as simple as following the course. Yes, that approach on paper does come across a little reductionist and it may imply that Mortal (Tankcrimes) is merely a rehash. But while Necrot may not be reimagining the genre on Mortal they are serving up some of the most satisfying Death Metal today.

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Toxik Streaming Two New Songs


Resurrected cult classic progressive thrashers Toxik have posted two new songs – “Too Late” here and “Crooked Crosses” here, off their forthcoming album In Humanity. The songs feature Mike Sanders on vocals, Josh Christian on guitar, Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall/Flotsam & Jetsam) on drums and William Bodily (Freya) on bass. The songs were mixed and mastered by Tom Morris of Morrisound Recording in Tampa, FL.