The HU Joins Sonic Temple, Welcome To Rockville, Epicenter and WMMRBQ Fests

Mongolian “Hunnu Rock” band The Hu has added a bunch of festival dates to their spring schedule. Notably, they have joined the lineups for Sonic Temple, Welcome To Rockville, Epicenter and MMRBQ. The band, which released their recent album, The Gereg in September will also tour Europe in 2020, including dates starting next week in Germany. Continue reading

Mongolian Metal Band The Hu Profiled By NPR

Metal and World Music have been colliding for four decades. As pop culture gets more exposed heavy music from all over the world thanks to social media, it’s cool to see recognition of it from the major mainstream press. NPR this weekend profiled The Hu, Mongolian born and bred musicians, blending traditional music of their homeland with rock and metal. Author and reporter Katya Cengel has lived in Mongolia and is passionate about the people and the culture took a great approach to identify the factors that led The Hu To get their music out to the world via YouTube. The band has millions of hits on YouTube with just two videos, which you can see below. You can check out the original article here. We look forward to more from The Hu soon! Continue reading